Both Lanes of Alderpoint Rd. Closed [Now Open to Controlled Traffic]

UPDATE 6:30 P.M.:According to Mary Messenger, the lines have been removed from the roadway and the road is open without restriction.

According to the traffic cameras located in other mountain passes, weather conditions look to be getting worse. Keep your eye out for snow and ice.

UPDATE 6:17 P.M.: Marty Messenger says that workers have tied off some of the downed line and are working on other parts.  The road is still only open to one lane of controlled traffic.

UPDATE 4:25 P.M.: According to Southern Humboldt Unified School District, the power lines are too low for buses to get through.  All kids have been brought back to town but have places to go to.

UPDATE 4:15 P.M.: According to Marty Messenger of County Roads, the Alderpoint Road is now open to controlled traffic.  This is expected to last over an hour as reinforcements for Verizon phone arrive. There is a broken phone pole and phone lines are sagging.  However, traffic is proceeding underneath at this time.  The school bus turned around and went back to town and it is not known at this time what will happen as far as getting the kids home.  Further updates as LoCO gets information.

UPDATE 3:51: Marty Messenger says that the power is not down.  Phone lines are down.  Both lanes of traffic are closed.  Verizon is on site though as well as County Roads.

UPDATE 3:45 P.M.:  Marty Messenger of County Roads says that the accident occurred about one mile east of Garberville.  He says that the school bus is stuck on the Garberville side of the accident and won’t be able to get through for a bit to bring kids home to the mountain.  LoCO will update as information comes in.

Original post below:

According to the CHP dispatch, a tow truck has hit a power pole on the Alderpoint Rd. The pole is down across the both lanes. County Roads is in the area and should be on site soon.

PG&E’s outage map shows that power is out to some residents in the area. Possibly telephone service is down also.

[GPS location inaccurate so map of original post deleted]


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