Shelter Cove Drowning Victim Identified

The Humboldt Co. Coroner, David Parris, has released the identity of yesterday’s drowning victim.  According to Parris, Susan Kay Archer, age 32 of Shelter Cove, was walking the beach with her boyfriend and dog as they did almost every morning.  At the foot of Dolphin Dr.  which runs towards the ocean, there are rocks that go right down to the water.  They waited for the waves to go out. Archer went around a large rock followed by her male companion.  A wave came in knocking them both over. Parris believes that this was not a sneaker wave but “a typical wave action that caught them off guard.”

Archer and the dog were swept into the water while the man was slapped against the rock.  According to Parris, he sustained “lots of lacerations” on his stomach and arms.  The man managed to pull himself up the rock and called 911. Even though local rescue crews and the Coast Guard believed at times that they might have to arrange a rescue from the rock, the man struggled to the top of the cliff where he met with rescuers. 

Archer’s body was found floating about 300 feet offshore.  The dog eventually made it to shore and ran back to his home.

More information about the rescue can be found in yesterday’s story.



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