Hwy 299 and Some Other Mountain Rds Require Chains

Caltrans Traffic Cam Photo from Del Norte County on Route 199 just south of the California/Oregon border

UPDATE 4:50 P.M.: Caltrans says, “HUM 299 Berry Summit. No chain controls at this time.”

UPDATE 2:02 P.M.: Caltrans reports that “Chain control lifted from Idlewild Maintenance Station to just south of the Oregon Border….[on] Route 199 in Del Norte County.”

UPDATE 1:30: Caltrans tweets, “Del Norte 199: R1 chain controls from Idlewild Maint Station to just south of Oregon Border. Chains are required – snow tread tires allowed.”


According to Caltrans, Highway 299 has chains or snow tires “required from 13.7 miles west of the junction of State Route 96 to 6 miles west of the junction of State Route 96 (Humboldt Co)/ Berry Summitt.” The traffic cam however does not show large amounts of snow.  (See below for photo taken at.)

In addition, though Route 199 has no such restrictions Caltran’s traffic cam shows a slight accumulation of snow on the road. (see above)

County Roads: According to SoHum Awareness, Wilder Ridge rd has a private citizen’s report of 1″ of hail on the road.

Continuing smaller reports on the CHP site of trees down and other traffic hazards.  You can follow these on LoCO’s CHP watch.


Berry Summitt on 299


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