Avenue of the Giants’ Project Near Miranda Taking Out Traffic Signals Tomorrow–May Be Some Delays


According to Thomas Norris, a consultant hired by Caltrans, the project on the Avenue of the Giants just south of Miranda is going into winter suspension tomorrow, December 10th. This undertaking which is working to stabilize that section of the Avenue has been using one way controlled traffic.  Tomorrow, the plan is to return the area to two way traffic and remove the signals.

Crews from Mercer Fraser, the contractor, will remove the signals between the hours of 7 A.M. and 4 P.M.   According to Norris, this might lead to some temporary delays.  Although this is during school hours, Norris explains, “When buses and emergency vehicles come through, they have priority” so there should be minimal impact on school transportation.  However, private vehicles have to wait for the flagman to let them through so commuters should allow a little extra time.

In addition there will be some temporary lane closures for road striping and other work between now and December 20th. After that though, when the work resumes, Norris says, all the work will be behind the K-rail and there should be little or no delays.


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