The River Winding Through Whitmore Grove

Local photographer, Kim Sallaway took the above photo yesterday as the waterway in Whitmore Grove reached its zenith. Below you can see how much the water has dropped. According to Sallaway, “The creek rising moved the logs left in the creek next to the washout in Whitmore Grove. One of the logs now spans the creek about 50 yards from the old 1938 bridge. [Yesterday morning], it was underwater but now there is a clearance under the log of several feet….Several more trees have fallen, the bank is undercut, but the road seems unhurt.”


In March of 2010, the road where the photographer is standing washed out causing the road to be closed for days. Above photo gives the view on Sunday.  The below photo shows how quickly the water dropped by today.

Thanks to Kim Sallaway for providing these photos for those worried about the road in that area and especially for providing that top photo that shows what a gorgeous place we live in.


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