Home Invasion Suspect May Be Involved in Crash on Wilder Ridge Road

UPDATE 4:40 P.M. 12/4: LoCO was able to obtain an interview with a homeowner near the accident site that clarifies the situation and explains that the term “home invasion,” once all the information came in, was inaccurate.  The homeowner wishes to remain anonymous. LoCO has attempted to contact the CHP for more information but we have not received a response. 

Apparently, the subject fleeing from the scene of the accident broke in to a nearby home. According to the homeowner, the CHP initially believed that a home invasion had occurred.  The homeowner believes though “the CHP did not tell me, that this was as a precaution until it could be determined that no one was home. I was at work when my neighbor called me to come home.”

The homeowner “went home right away and found the CHP at my house and the Sheriff came a short time later.  My house has checked out by the Sheriff and CHP and no one was inside, and nothing was taken.”

Sheriff spokesman Lt. Steve Knight explained that a situation like that would be “a trespass” not a home invasion. 

The homeowner explains,

My house phone was used.The area of Ettersburg where the accident happened has no cell service and I think that after the guy ran from the scene of the accident he just needed to find a way to call someone to get him. 

The homeowner went on express gratefulness to the responding agencies, “I am thankful that nothing was taken from my home and for the help of the CHP and Sheriff.”


UPDATE 8:45 PM: LoCO has been waiting on clarification on the home invasion aspect. We reported on the home invasion aspect because of two posts made by the CHP dispatch. The first at 2:22 P.M. stated, SV INV/”D IN HOME INVASION LS NB WILDER ROAD WHI TOYT TAC 4D (I interpreted it to mean –SV involved in home invasion last seen northbound on Wilder Road in a White Toyota Tacoma 4 wheel drive.)  The second at 2:47 P.M stated, UNK IF THE TC AND HOME INVASSION ARE RELATED AT THIS TIME.  (I interpreted this to mean–Unknown if the traffic collision and home invasion are related at this time.)

We sent several requests for more information to the Sheriff’s Office about the case, but they are being very tight-lipped at the moment.


A head on traffic collision on Wilder Ridge Rd. near Ettersburg may involve a suspect in a home invasion. The suspect a male in his twenties with dark hair approximately 5’7″ 130 lbs was last seen fleeing north from the scene of the accident involving a gold Chevy Tahoe and a silver 2500 GMC.  The CHP entry at 2:47 P.M. says that it is unknown if the traffic collision and home invasion are related at this time.  Lost Coast will update as more information comes in.

CHP Public Information Officer Matt Harvey gave the following statement.

At 12:41 pm, the CHP received a 911 call of a two vehicle head-on collision on Ettersburg Rd. near Ettersburg School.  Upon CHP arrival, it was determined that a gold Chevy Tahoe collided with a silver 2500 GMC.  One party sustained injuries and a second party fled the scene prior to CHP arrival.  The collision is currently under investigation and the suspect, who is in violation of felony hit-and-run, is still outstanding.


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