Freshwater Lagoon Boat Launch Closed Due to Sewage

Redwood Parks’ Press Release:

Emergency Closure of Freshwater Lagoon Boat Launch. Redwood National Parks press release says…Redwood National & State Parks superintendent Steve Chaney announces the emergency closure of the boat launch area at Freshwater Lagoon. An illegal release of sewage from a portable toilet at Freshwater Lagoon occurred on or about June 27, 2012. The release is localized to both sides of the boat launch on the north end of the lagoon.

Until the full extent of the sewage release is understood and remediation measures are developed, the park has closed the area adjacent to the boat launch until further notice. Park visitors are advised to not come into contact with the water or eat fish caught in the lagoon for the time being. Park rangers have staked off the area and posted warning signs notifying the public that contact with water affected by the spill pose a risk to the health and safety of visitors.

In consultation with the Humboldt County Environmental Health Division, the boat launch, shoreline, and the adjacent water on the north end of the lagoon will remain closed to visitors until conditions are remediated. Using the authority in Title 36 Code of Federal Regulations Section 1.5, Closures and public use limits; the Freshwater Lagoon boat launch are closed to all public use and access. This closure will remain in effect from 4:00 pm on Thursday June 28, 2012, until such time as the situation no longer presents a risk to public health and safety.


Hat tip to Teri Klemetson at KMUD


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