Two Vehicle Collision on Fieldbrook Rd–Both were in Flames


UPDATE Wednesday: CHP Spokesman Paul Dahlen reported, “20 yr old Amy Gunderson, of Fielbrook, was driving a Chvey pickup when she lost control and struck 58 yr old Stephen Conger, of McKinleyville.  Conger was transported to Mad River Hospital with minor injuries.  The fire melted the bear spray canister causing it to release its content.  No other vehicles or people were involved.”

UPDATE 8:19 A.M. Tuesday: The Times Standard is reporting the chemical as Bear Spray per the Arcata Fire Dept.  Thank you to Michelle, who offered that information and updated information on where the accident was located.

UPDATE 6:35 P.M. Monday: A dog was injured in the traffic collision and the animal hospital is reporting that it is suffering from itching and burning which is “affecting staff now.”  Also the truck has reignited on the back of the tow truck.


The CHP site is reporting that two vehicles collided on Fieldbrook Rd. A pickup truck versus a Toyota Rav4 resulted in both vehicles fully engulfed in flames.  Reportedly two people have fled the scene and a third is being transported.  The roadway was closed for awhile as the sheriff deputies searched for the fleeing parties.


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