18 Month Old Drowns in Willits

Mendocino County Sheriff’s Press Release:

On 06-14-2012 at 1420 hours a Mendocino County Deputy Sheriff was dispatched to Howard Memorial Hospital in regards to a Coroner’s Case.

Upon arrival the Deputy Sheriff learned an 18-month-old male child had been transported to the hospital after a reported drowning accident at the child’s home.

During an interview of the child’s parents it was learned the parents had guests at their residence, which included adults and children.  During this time the adults were performing yard work in front of the residence while the children played in their presence.

At approximately 1245 hours the adults and children entered the family residence for lunch.  Approximately 15 minutes later the father of the 18-month-old child checked on the children who were playing in a bedroom and noticed the 18-month-old child was missing.

A search was initiated and shortly thereafter the father found the 18-month-old child floating lifeless in a pond located in the front yard of the residence.

The father began CPR on the 18-month-old child, while an ambulance was summoned to the residence.  The 18-month-old child was transported to Howard Memorial Hospital by ambulance and further life saving efforts were unsuccessful.

It was believed by the child’s parents that the 18-month-old child had escaped out of the family residence undetected and had accidently drown in the pond.

A forensic autopsy has been scheduled for 06-15-2012 at 0900 hours and the 18-month-old child’s name is being withheld pending the conclusion of the coroner’s investigation.


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