Election Coverage

Okay, folks, you want the latest news on the election as the results come in so here’s what we’ve got.  Hank Sims says that he and Larry Trask will be on the air at KHUM “reading results as they come in.  We’ll have all the major candidates for Congress on via telephone [and] John Matthews and other stringers out in the field, attending election parties and such.”

KMUD and Access Humboldt have a simulcast thing going on.

 KMUD is broadcasting special election coverage from 8 – 11 pm.    More than 10 KMUD hosts and the KMUD Newsroom will bring the audience live results as well as candidate interviews all night!   KMUD is simulcasting with Access Humboldt, which means we will be broadcasting on both radio and television.  From 8 – 10 pm, KMUD and Access Humboldt will have simultaneous (but different) coverage of the election, then from 10 – 11 pm Access Humboldt will switch to a full KMUD broadcast.

Charles Douglas from Access Humboldt says they are going to have Kevin Hoover from the Arcata Eye.  He hopes to have other folk there also.  “Some of our invited guests include Supervisor Jimmy Smith, former Supervisor Jill Duffy, District Attorney Paul Gallegos, Harbor Commissioner Richard Marks, Arcata Mayor Michael Winkler, Eureka Councilmember Melinda Ciarabellini, Fortuna Councilmember Mike Losey and other current and former elected officials. … Local bloggers and commentators are also on the invite list.”a Day After wrap-up of the results at Noon the next day.”

Got any other sites you listen to?  Please add links or at least point them out.  I’m going to be following the wild world of politics wondering where we are going.  Any pointers are appreciated.


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