Local School Concert Wows Audience

Guest Post by Robert Gale (photo provided by him)

On a cool and windy night, The Freshwater School hosted their annual ‘Spring Music Celebration’.  From Latin Jazz, to a take on the Looney Tunes, the Spring Concert packed in lots of bang for the buck.  Especially since the event was free!  Led by music teacher Ronite Gluck, and aided by Caitlin Denning, Music Student Teacher, the audience was treated to over 2 hours of music!

The Freshwater School takes pride in their band, and for good reason.  The students work for countless hours, before, during and after school.  Honing their skills and developing their chops on a variety of brass, wood, and percussion instruments.

The evening began with the classic Island sounds of ‘Iko Iko’, performed by the Freshwater Super Pan (aka, steel drum band).  From their, we were treated to various numbers by the Beginning Band, including their own mash-up of ‘Blue Moon, Sunshine of Your Love, and Smoke on the Water’, aka ‘Blue Sunshine on the Water’.  From their, it was a return to the steel drums, with another series of Island Riddims.

The Advanced and Intermediate bands then combined for some classic jazz numbers, ‘Caravan’ by Duke Ellington and ‘Cumberland Cross’ by Carl Strommen.  Then came the most unique and creative segment of the show.  The band performed the original scoring of “Stop!  Look!  Hasten!”, on of Wiley Coyote and the Roadrunner’s most memorable episodes.  All the sounds and special effects you hear, were played by the students:


After a 10 minute break, where one could donate for a variety of baked goods, the second half of the show was set to begin.  The Freshwater Jazz Combo came out and literally floored the place!  I didn’t know kids that age could play with such gusto!  Listen to the solo on Tenor Sax by Dylan C!


The band ran through numbers like “When the Saints, Ran Kan Kan, Song For My Father, and Sister Sadie” with the fluidity and precision often reserved for much older musicians.

As a closer, the audience was treated to 4 beautiful songs by the Freshwater Chorus choir led by choir teacher, Janet Beckstead.  Including a nod to the anniversary of Titanic, with a performance of ‘My Heart Will Go On’.

All in all, a fantastic evening, for students, faculty, parents and staff.  Hope to see more of you fine folks at next year’s event.


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