Condition of the Roads in Southern Humboldt

The storms that have battered and are continuing to batter Humboldt have residents concerned about which roads are open.  As of 10:50 this morning, according Marty Messenger of County Roads and Sebastian Cohen in connection with Caltrans on the Dean Creek slide all roads are open.

The storms did damage the roads though. The rain caused problems across the southern part of the county. For awhile it seemed that every 15 minutes brought reports of new problems. Culverts plugged and water flowed across roads. Trees fell and rocks rolled onto streets. Messenger said this morning, “Last night I would have said the world was coming to an end.”

However, a slight let up in the rain early this morning allowed crews to get the worst situations mostly cleaned up.  Bell Springs Road at Duggans Mill at the Cattle guard is down to one lane due to a culvert failure.  There are no other major issues on the main county roads.

Sebastian Cohen is reporting that the Dean Creek slide has no significant changes and, while there is one lane closed northbound, the other three are open.

There are more storms coming.  Drive carefully and stay home if possible.




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