Gas Prices From Ukiah to Del Norte


Once again Eureka (and Crescent City) have the highest gas prices in the country. And the least expensive place to buy gas in Northern California?  Ukiah, our next door neighbor.  AAA Insurance which tracks gas prices says

The Golden State’s average for a gallon of regular, unleaded gasoline is $3.70, up 11 cents since last month’s AAA report on December 13. For perspective, that’s 35 cents higher than California’s average price on this date last year. Among all 50 states, California has the third highest state average price for regular, unleaded gasoline. Hawaii is first and Alaska is second….

Okay, okay. We live in an expensive state. I get that but why why is Ukiah the cheapest and Eureka the most expensive?  And for SoHum folk, the dividing line is really stark.  Fill up in Willits which is generally near the price of Ukiah’s gas and the price seems reasonable.  Drive a little over an hour north and WHAM the gas prices are higher than in Eureka. Why?  This article in the Del Norte Triplicate lists “the usual suspects: transportation costs, state environmental standards, fuel taxes and limited local competition, for starters.”  But then the story trails off with no conclusion.

Why, if the gas comes into Eureka port, is it cheaper to get gas in Willits which must truck it all the way from San Francisco?  I think transportation costs can be written off as the cause.  So can fuel taxes and environmental standards as both areas have the same taxes and standards.  I guess that leaves local competition.

Anyone for starting some competition to the Chevron terminal in Eureka?


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