Traffic Accident on 101 Just North of Bayside

UPDATE 1:32 P.M.: The Arcata Eye lists the fatally injured wrong way driver as 54-year-old Kathleen Jennings of Arcata and the injured driver of the other car as 25-year-old Joshua Larson of Eureka.

UPDATE, 9:53 a.m.: The Times-Standard reports that the fatally injured driver was the one who caused the accident. Quote:

CHP spokesman Paul Dahlen said there were reports of a reckless driver weaving in and out of the lanes on northbound U.S. Highway 101. As officers searched for the female driver, she had turned her car around on the northbound lane and started driving southbound.


UPDATE, 9:25 a.m.: The CHP now reports that the roadway has been cleared. –Hank

UPDATE, 9:20 a.m.: The CHP says the won’t have any details for the public until the road is cleared and people are back from the scene. –Hank

UPDATE, 8:04 a.m.: Maggie Gainer says today is Walk and Roll Wednesday with lots of kids walking and biking along Old Arcata Rd.  If you choose that as an alternative, be aware of the kids.  Reports are that Old Arcata Rd is bumper to bumper traffic now.

UPDATE, 7:37 a.m.: There is a report of a fatality.


Accident on northbound 101 just north of Bayside.  Both lanes blocked. Early reports of a car headed south from Samoa in the northbound lane


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