Police Find Suspect Wanted in 2008 Slaying Near Alderpoint

Robert L. Lee–murder suspect recently found in Virginia

Ryan Christopher Carroll-murder suspect

Reetpaul Singh Rana–murder victim

In September of 2008, Reetpaul Singh Rana came to Humboldt Co. probably looking for marijuana.  His 1996 Saab was found September 10th, 2008 near Big Lagoon. It had been torched. On the 13th, his body was found in some woods along the Dyerville Loop Rd. near Alderpoint.  He had been shot once in his chest and once in his back. Rosa, his three legged dog, was found in the area and had been taken to a shelter before it was determined what had happened. Rana, who was described by his mother as ” very bright and very gifted” had a degree in psychology from the prestigious private Reed College in Oregon but suffered from depression and used marijuana to treat the symptoms.

Ryan Carroll became a suspect early in the investigation into Rana’s death when it was learned he had been hitchhiking near Big Lagoon on the day the car was burnt. According to an informative piece in the Times Standard,

Hansen said investigators always believed the case revolved around marijuana, and that Rana, who he described as a “marijuana broker,” had come to Humboldt County to purchase a large amount of it from people he didn’t normally deal with and had ultimately been killed for money.

Investigators put together a case against Carroll, arresting him in Washington about 20 months ago, but kept working other angles believing that someone else, possibly a person of interest known only as “Roots,” may have participated in the murder.

Hansen said the transient nature of folks who flood the Southern Humboldt area in the early fall every year to work on marijuana gardens posed a challenge for investigators. Ultimately, they traveled around the country tracking down witnesses the investigation placed in Garberville around the time of Rana’s death.

Investigators flew to the Midwest in August to interview another witness, according to the affidavit. The witness reportedly said Lee had talked about a plan in which he and Carroll were going to try to get some marijuana for a San Francisco man. If they couldn’t find the pot, Lee reportedly said they planned to rob the man, according to the affidavit.

After Rana was shot on Sept. 13, 2008, a witness talked to Lee and told investigators that the suspect said he and Carroll had tried to rob Rana but a fight ensued, during which Carroll shot Rana…

Congratulations to the investigators and thanks for your persistence.




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