Two Fires in Alderpoint Yesterday

There were two fires in Alderpoint yesterday. One, already reported by SoHum Awareness, occurred around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. According to the community awareness site, the first was a

grass fire off the Alderpoint road a half mile west of the town of Alderpoint. The fire is now contained. It was caused by a vehicle driving on a flat tire. Resources dedicated to the fire included; 2 CalFire engines, 1 engine from Alderpoint, 1 Air Tanker, 1 Air Attack and a Helicopter. Firefighters were on scene almost immediately so the fire was limited to a third of an acre.

A second fire, according to Diana Totten, former leader of HotSpots, occurred around 10 pm near Old Harris at Pratt Mountain

 in mostly grass (2.7 acres) ..unknown what caused it.  Cal Fire is investigating. Cal Fire and Alderpoint Fire responded and contained the fire rather quickly due to the easy access on a county road and the fact there was no wind on the fire.


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