Neighbors Cross: Guerilla Grows aren't Welcome


Mendocino Co. Sheriff Press Release: (See Photo here–scroll down)Mendocino County Sheriff’s deputies received a complaint that persons were trespassing onto a vacant parcel located at 44948 Fish Rock Rd., Gualala, and had cut down trees and were growing marijuana. Deputies went to the location and located 39 marijuana plants, and found that trees had been cut down to facilitate the growing of the marijuana. Deputies also located a water storage tank and a system of incorporating fertilizer into the water that was irrigating the marijuana plants and no medical recommendations were found posted at the garden.

Further investigation led deputies to the nearby home of Alexander Cross. The deputies developed probable cause to believe that Cross was cultivating the marijuana on another’s property and that he had cut down the trees to provide better conditions for the marijuana to grow. Cross was arrested for violations of 11358 H&S-Cultivation of marijuana, 594(b)(1) PC-Vandalism, and 602(m) PC-trespassing and lodged at the Mendocino County Jail with bail set at $20,000.00.


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