Aaron Bassler: Das Phantom von Mendocino

Aaron Bassler, the suspect in two Mendocino murders, began reaching an international audience and legendary status with his shots fired yesterday.  A German online site panted the following (Google Translate has limitations and I’m no linguist so bear with me),

About two weeks they had almost caught him. A police dog had taken Aaron Bassler’s track, near the home of his grandmother. But then Bassler was gone, swallowed by the dense forests of Northern California. For more than a month, he sneaks through the wilderness, he knows it others like know their front yard. Two people he should have killed the people in the area fear the “Phantom of Mendocino.”

“He lived here for 30 years. This is his territory, he knows every back, every bush, every hiding place,” said Sheriff Tom Allman, according to “New York Times” last Monday at a press conference at Fort Bragg. Hundreds of officers seconded to the search for the fugitives – but they Bassler escapes into the wild again. On Thursday afternoon (local time) he got his pursuers in the woods very close, it came to a gunfight – but Bassler could disappear again.

I’m mangling the translation but the final words ring true.

As long as the alleged murderer is not caught, the tranquil Fort Bragg cannot return to normalcy. Hunters and hikers are not allowed to enter the woods.  Even  the school was closed because Bassler said to have been spotted nearby. … the “Phantom of Mendocino” is ubiquitous. “The people here have incredible anxiety,” says Dan Gjerde, a member of the City Council. “They want to finally have a solution.”

UPDATE: Bassler confirmed dead.  Details here.



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