Humboldt Harvest Requires a Little Hummmmm

Getting ready for the flood of the harvest season? Have one last party before you spend the next month elbow deep in resin.

Marcia and Brigette (those SoHum Girls), with The Usual Suspects and special guests, The Fabulous Resinaires, will be performing at Persimmons Garden Gallery on Thursday, Sept. 29, from 7-10 p.m. Catchy tunes, great grooves–everything from rock to ballads to country, blues and jazzy pop…and then there’s The Fabulous Resinaires! Those three chanteuses in their beehives, white gloves and go-go boots, singing about…the green life!

Fall is coming, so this will be your last chance for a while to catch these groups at Persimmons,. Put it on your calendar and spend a lovely evening in the garden with original music and great food and wine. No cover charge.

I’m going to try and talk my husband into a date night.  Hopefully, I’ll see you there.





  • As I walk threw town I see the workers have showed up. Our little town is flooded with folks holding signs saying “need work”. They are in every nook and bush.I see big trucks pulling up to them and they are jumping in, thinking they just hit pay dirt. I wonder when I see woman jump into rigs if they know what they are in for? I have heard alot of stories..
    not so good stories. I wonder if I will see them again? I met a young woman that had been traveling to get here, and she had come along way. I chatted with her about her travels and threw her dirt stained arm I seen a set of numbers written with a black sharpy.Trying not too be too noisey but wanted to know what they were. Her new boss that she just met was pulling up to take her to our hills filled with green. I asked what are those numbers? she quickly said “that is my social security number and my mothers phone number in case they find my body”. As a mother a chill went down my spine. I hugged her good bye and quickly threw up a prayer of protection for her. I waved to her as they drove off and hoped those numbers never had to be used…

    • Hi Den Mom, If you haven’t read it yet, you might want to check out Ernie’s blog where he writes, “Lately, I saw a very indignant post about how it would be if I were put on the street, The poster called herself “Den Mom”, which bothers me right off. Etc.

      Onto your comment, thanks for communicating with some of the hapless homeless peeps who could be mistakenly getting themselves into some kind of scene that they might not find desirable. But in the case of the girl you described it sounds like she already understands the risk and danger. Desperate times. Besides talking to them and hipping them to the big risk they are taking trusting strangers, what can one do? Something that comes to mind is befriending someone and taking them home to trim for oneself. But the problem of that is, can you trust the trimmer?. There’s a lot of pot that needs to get chopped. I know from experience that a majority of the stories and connections made will be very beneficial to all, but . . . Keep praying. I will too.

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