Thinking about the Future–Humboldt and Mendocino are in California's 2nd Congressional District

Heads up, Humboldt and Mendocino. Do you realize that redistricting in California means that the status quo will be shaken up? Mike Thompson is out. We’re now in Senate District 2. We have a whole new crop of applicants for our congressional seat. Some of them from the area.

Garberville resident Andy Caffery, an Earth First! organizer is a candidate.

Mendocino resident and a favorite of many cannabis patients is Democrat William Courtney, M.D.

Of course, most of the candidates are from the wealthy county of Marin with whom we now share our district.

Several Eureka pundits seem to  be looking at Norman Solomon, also a Democrat from Inverness Park.

The current representative favorite is Jared Huffman also a Democrat from Marin.

Susan Adams is also a Democrat from Marin though she says she has roots in the North Coast–most notably a brother in Fortuna.

Also, another Democrat from Marin, Stacey Lawson, from San Rafael has thrown her hat into the race Her site makes me think she put it up with an eye to pulling more conservative voters as well as traditional Democrats.

A Petaluma resident, Tiffany Renee,  is also in the Democratic field.

I have yet to hear of a Republican running. The Republican running is Walter Herger.

Remember, California now has a top-two electoral process, a so called “Jungle Primary,”  which allows the top-two vote getters to face off in the general election.  In theory, this could allow two Democrats to run against each other. Start paying attention now to be ready to make intelligent decisions for our future.


Map from Candidate Susan Adams’ site.



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