Fire Near Weott Shuts Down One North Bound Lane on 101


The CHP is reporting that there a fire near Newton road in Weott. In fact, they are saying there are two fires. The outside northbound lane has been shut down.

UPDATE 6:01: The Times Standard has a piece. They say, “the fires are side by side on the east side of the freeway. One fire is about one acre, while the other is about one-half of an acre.
The fire started about 4:45 p.m. and crews are still working to contain it, Ridenhour said. Currently, there are three fire engines, two hand crews, a water tanker, an air attack, a helicopter and an air tanker committed to the fire.” More at their site.

UPDATE 8:00: Mop-up operations are nearly complete according to my husband who drove through on his way home from work.


Thank you, Humboldt Pie for the pointer to the TS piece.



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