Helicopters Helping Humboldt

Those helicopters around Highway 36 on the east side of Humboldt hover for a purpose. A  second Fiber Optics cable serving the area is being placed.  High speed broadband redundancy is a goal county leaders and technology activists have been working towards for years. This will help eliminate issues like the recent August internet outage  for much of Humboldt Co.  According to IP Networks, Inc. who is the main contractor, “Presently, Three-Phase Line Construction is working along the Kneeland Road in Kneeland and is scheduled to reach Bridgeville by approximately September 19th.”  Eventually, the line will stretch from Cottonwood to Eureka.  Knowing the troubled history of county residents and helicopters, IP is striving to get the information out to all affected parties that they will be working in the area. The remote area along Hwy 36 grows medical as well as black market marijuana.  These helicopters and ground crews are not interested in the grows. They just want to do their job.

Remember, not only helicopters are being used.  Land vehicles of different kinds will be used to access the transmission right of ways. Crews will be working between 7am and 7pm Monday through Friday (and occasionally on Saturday.)

UPDATE: From Three-Phrase Line Construction, “…the main PG & E transmission line will be worked on from Bridgeville to Mad River that somewhat parallels Hwy 36, between Septemeber 17-October 2. There will be helicopters flying off and on during this time period pulling cables and dropping off the 3 Phase Line crew.  There will be 3 Phase Line trucks accessing the PG&E easement too. ”

During construction, please contact IP Networks, Inc.@ 707-845-3045 if you should have any questions or concerns.


Photos provided by IP Networks, Inc.


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