Pitchforks Thrown During High Speed Chase


In what appears to have been an attempt to slow down pursuit, Jesus Alcazar Garcia Jr. (39), threw pitchforks out of the sunroof of his Ford Expedition as he raced at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour down Highway 101 between Ukiah and Hopland.   The Eureka man was originally stopped by an officer for driving 114 miles per hour.  When he got out of the car he appeared to be wearing a bullet proof vest.  Then he got back into his car and led officers on a high speed chase.  The Ukiah Daily Journal said,

Garcia allegedly hit the rear of a southbound pickup, causing it to roll onto its side and into the northbound lane of the highway and off of the road, according to England. He then reportedly kept driving south with major front end vehicle damage and started to throw pitchforks out of the Ford’s sunroof as he went, England said.

Garcia stopped on a side road north of Hopland and ran on foot, and authorities set up a perimeter around the Jeriko Vineyard. A CHP helicopter and officers from the Ukiah Police Department, Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office and CHP responded and searched the area for about two hours without success.

… A gas station attendant reported to CHP officer John Heinke a possible sighting of Garcia headed south on Highway 101.

When the CHP caught up with him at the Green Bridge on Highway 101,Garcia had removed his vest and shirt. He allegedly resisted arrest and officers used a Taser to subdue him. Garcia was arrested without further incident on suspicion of driving under the influence causing injury, reckless evasion and assault with a deadly weapon.



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