Fire, Fire, PG&E Outage and a High Speed Car Chase–SoHum is Anything But Humdrum

The last 24 hours in SoHum have been anything but humdrum.  Last night, a structure fire in Phillipsville totaled a home on River Rd (photo above taken By Ben Schill.)

Then there was the vegetation fire at Pesula Rd, south of Weott that took out the power around 1:30 this afternoon for Weott, Redcrest, and Myers Flat. Almost 400 people without power.

Then, in a car chase that began up north of Fortuna, Sheriff and Highway Patrol followed a woman from Idaho at speeds topping 105 mph.  Eventually, they had to clear traffic off the Highway and lay down a tire strip to flatten her tires at Myers Flat.

Between the various agencies, there were helicopters in the sky and a plethora of law enforcement. To quote one SoHum resident, “I didn’t know they had that many CHP’s and Sherriff’s in the county. It surely was a sight to see!”



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