Attention: Phillipsville Postal Customers

Phillipsville residents and box office holders are meeting at the post office tomorrow to discuss its possible closure.  An email is circulating:

Dear Fellow PO Box Holders at Phillipsville,

As you likely know, THE PHILLIPSVILLE POST OFFICE IS BEING THREATENED WITH CLOSURE. There is a MEETING [TOMORROW,] TUESDAY, AUG. 30, – 5PM at the P’ville PO. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT AS MANY BOX HOLDERS AS POSSIBLE SHOW UP! The meeting will be be ‘facilitated’ by a Post Office official (our Postmaster will be in attendance, but is not allowed to speak). YOU WILL HAVE YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO SPEAK YOUR OPINION about this threatened closure.

Some of the arguments against closing the the P’ville PO:
– Driving further, to Miranda or Redway if you must get a box elsewhere. (… Redway PO is NOT OPEN at night …and Garberville is said to be more expensive).
– Travel to/from Miranda (for instance) is said to be 2 hrs RT, by bus if you don’t have transpo, which many of P’villes residents don’t.
– There are many reasons why this closure will fall harder on the disadvantaged people of P’ville.
– The STRONGEST ARGUMENT to not close P’ville in particular, is that it is a GROWING COMMUNITY. There are plans for low income housing in P’ville, and will soon add many (I heard 70-some odd) units.
PLEASE ADD YOUR REASONS/ ARGUMENTS ABOVE for not closing the P’ville PO, and pass this on, ASAP!
PS: If you haven’t yet picked it up, there is AN IMPORTANT SURVEY OF BOX HOLDERS in your box! PLEASE fill this out and SEND BACK BY SEPT 8, 2011.

I plan on being there.  Hope to see you there.

  • Seems like a good time to open a mailbox shop and take jobs from government trash. After that look for foreclosures on their property to profit from their destruction and loss of income in the marketplace.

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