HuMMAP and HGA Make Presentations to Planning Commission Tonight

Outdoor pot and indoor have very different growing requirements so in order to address each carefully Humboldt Co. Supervisors have  broken the ordinance into several parts. Tonight, the meeting is set to address the Phase 1 of the medical marijuana ordinance (here and scroll down).  Mikal Jakubal of HuMMAP will be there as will someone from HGA.  After much discussion between the two groups, Jakubal and HGA will suggest similar positions that they hope the Board will approve.

The issues are discussed fairly thoroughly on the HuMMAP site. Two paragraphs are especially important.

There has been incredible and unprecedented cooperation between the grower community and Planning, County Counsel, the D.A., and the Sheriff in this ordinance process. It has been a long time coming, but we’re in a new era of cooperation in the marijuana industry in Humboldt County. We believe that both the grower community and the County officials have to take each other as having the best intentions in moving forward cooperatively to make this work for everyone. The past should be left behind in favor of positive attitudes and finding solutions….

Both HuMMAP and the HGA are hopeful that Phase II can proceed quickly and be in place in time for the 2012 cultivation season. Humboldt would then be one of only two counties in California (Mendocino being the other) to have fully-permitted medical cannabis, giving Humboldt growers who wish to be in the fully-legal marijuana market an advantage with dispensaries and other cannabis businesses in the state who need to only handle such fully-permitted medicine. It will also make us a leader in the industry and put permitted growers in a prime position to take advantage of legalized social/recreational marijuana use if one of the ballot initiatives passes in the November, 2012 statewide election.

UPDATE 8/19: The commission punted–asked for more comprehensive report.



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