Napa Says Forget About Humboldt– Napa Valley is Tops for Pot, Too

Napa known as California’s King of wine is now laying claim to Humboldt’s Cannabis Crown.  Recently, Napa Valley’s Farm Bureau became the first in the state (and probably the country) to accept a marijuana grower as a member.  This ground breaking first step was accompanied by the grower himself dissing the Emerald Triangle. NBC Bay Area says that as

…[a] life-long Napa Valley resident, Carter said he bristles whenever he hears someone declare Mendocino or Humboldt County … the “Napa Valley of marijuana growing.” That distinction, he believes, should remain in the Napa Valley.

“They’re not on top of three international airports,” he said. “They don’t have the accommodations and what we have for the wine industry already.

Whether Napa captures the crown or not, they’ve played an opening gambit that legitimizes marijuana and their burgeoning marijuana industry.  The acceptance of grower’s and their product by the Napa Valley Farm Bureau gives growers there a measure of social acceptance and thus a measure of protection.  Will Humboldt County’s Farm Bureau be just as progressive?  I encourage some of you growers to find out.  Let me know how you succeed.



Photo of a grape leaf and a Humboldt Bud



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