Man Invests Life Savings in Humboldt Weed

According to the Redding Searchlight,  a 23 year old L. A. man was arrested for transportation and intent to sell early this morning after a traffic stop revealed he had 58 pounds of marijuana.

Dixon was pulled over around 2:37 a.m. on Highway 36 West near Baker Road, deputies said.

Deputies said Dixon told them he was driving from Humboldt County back to Los Angeles and had used his life savings to purchase the marijuana, which was found in three duffel bags.

But, he told deputies, he had no plans to sell it.

This man was a success story.  At 23, he had somewhere between $58,000 and $116,000 squirreled away.  At his age, I could barely fill my gas tank without going broke. Then, sadly, what appears to be serious case of bogarting the weed overwhelmed him. Apparently, determined never in his life to be without pot again, Dixon dropped all his cash on the best cannabis he could find–in Humboldt County, of course.



Photo from pictures I took of  pounds belonging to another man with a similar problem.



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