Timeline of the Klamath Whale


On or about June 28th, a mother gray whale and her calf took an unexpected jaunt in the Klamath river.

On July 23rd, the calf left the mother and headed into the ocean. Scientists and others worked to herd the mother back to the ocean with no success.

Yesterday, the whale collided with a boat of sightseers. The photo shown here is believed to be of the offending boat. The whale was seen favoring her left pectoral fin– though not necessarily as a result of  the accident.

According to Ashala Tylor, a photographer who has captured some exquisite images of the whale, this evening, as of around 6:30, “[S]he floated down the river towards the ocean and is now caught on a sand bar and low tide.”

Scientists are requesting that no one go see the whale tonight as they are hoping she can be “surrounded by as much calm as possible,” says The Daily Triplicate reporter, Megan Hansen (@HansenMegan) on Twitter.

UPDATE: She died Tuesday morning at 4 am August 16th.



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