Construction on 101 Slide Near Redway Results in Traffic Delays

Traffic between Redway and Phillipsville will be delayed throughout this week as construction workers continue to remove debris from the giant slide that engulfed Highway 101 last Spring.  One way controlled traffic at various locations along the slide between the hours of 6 am and 6 pm throughout this week will cause delays of up to 10 minutes.  If it is possible to avoid the area during that time, you’ll save yourself some frustration.


UPDATE: Caltrans not working on the slide tomorrow during the day.  They’ll work overnight.  See here for more details.


Photo taken by me April 7th


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  • 1/2 hour delay going south… then 20 minutes or so going back north, I was lucky. Traffic backed up past Dean Creek northbound and almost to the Phillipsville interchange southbound. Now they have announced they will work at night if you call 7 PM night. Thank heaven for the Coffee bar in Miranda, only two stoplights away…

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