SoHum Foodies Unite: Require All GMO Foods to be Labeled

Care about what is in your food? Come to Persimmons today!

Food Activist Pamm Larry, who is spearheading the effort to get GMO Labeling on the California Ballot in 2012 (, is speaking there to raise awareness of a plan–a plan to put an initiative on the November 2012 ballot that would require all foods containing GMOs to be labeled.

This meeting is to help activists to come together to learn about the initiative and organizing into a new cohesive group. We will be asking for folks to think about committees they want to be on and assign a point person.

Please come ready to “roll your sleeves up” and get to work on what is sure to be a historic ballot measure.

Thursday, August 4th, Redway

Time: 4pm

1055 Redway Dr., Redway Persimmons

Contact: Pamm 530-570-6827



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