Play Name the Neighbor in Tonight's Frontline Special–The Pot Republic


California’s pot industry gets a close look by Michael Montgomery of PBS Frontline. Above is one promo from the show but a better one that I couldn’t figure out how to imbed is here.  Entitled One Sheriff’s Quietly Radical Experiment, it features local boy now Mendocino Sheriff, Tom Allman.  Also on the 4 minute clip are Joey Burger from Humboldt Growers Association, Kim Nelson, Charley Custer, and a t-shirt from Grow It in the Sun. There are reputedly other locals on the show itself. It should appear on Tuesday, July 26th (tonight) at 9 pm on our local KEET TV. 

The blurb about the show asks a crucial question, “With more than a third of all states now experimenting with some form of legalization and decriminalization — and several California counties attempting to openly regulate pot production — FRONTLINE and The Center for Investigative Reporting team up to investigate the country’s oldest, largest and most wide-open marijuana market. Is the federal government now moving to shut it down?”

I wonder if the show has any answers to the question that will shape the economic future of our area?  I plan on watching online to find out.



  • I counted 7-12 people I knew personally or knew of through you and other services. But I especially liked that guy who came in about 90 seconds into the show holding that SF California Grow Mug.

    I liked the show but thought it was slanted…

    My big question like always is…how do you find the time to do everything you’re doing? Great work Kym

    • I thought that fellow and his mug looked especially handsome! There were several great product placements–your mug, of course, and, my favorite, the Grow it in the Sun t-shirt.

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