Local Post Offices Slated for Closure

This morning our US Postal Service announced that it was thinking about shutting down over 3600 post offices around the country.  The financially challenged agency has been cutting back on services and more rural post offices are next to be slapped with cancellation notices.  First on the list is Blocksburg.  Other local and much needed offices are in Honeydew, Kneeland, Phillipsville, Redcrest, Samoa, Weott, and Zenia. What will these small towns do without their meeting places?

Another blow to our rural communities. My husband and I have shared a post office box in Phillipsville since 1982.



  • Prepare yourself, this is the beginning. Actually, the beginning was 25 years ago but the changes were very small [or large and not reported in the press].

    The economy is mimicking, exactly, the collapse in the 30s and 40s. Act now. Google ‘Normalcy Bias’ and see if that description is true of you. If it is, change how you see & act.

  • How can they just shut them down? It would be different if they weren’t used, but all of the ones listed are used everyday by so many locals. With out them some people would have to drive hours just to check the mail, or send off bills. I just can’t believe that this is what it’s coming to 🙁

    • your government is bankrupt. 46 of 50 states are bankrupt or near it. They are shutting them down because there is NO money to keep them open, and soon the planet in USD.

      Your government has “borrowed” the saved money from government pensions, social security, etc… They have borrowed and spent themselves into oblivion.

  • Imagine this scenario:

    your spouse keeps getting credit cards and maxing them out. Then when things get really bad, gets more credit cards to cover the payments of the previous debts. This can only last so long before the house of cards collapses. This is exactly what your government has been doing for a long time. And now, it’s all [the economy] beginning to crack and crumble.

  • Curious: is it your country too Tony?
    I’m unhappy with the way events are playing out, but I refuse to throw my hands up and say “the sky is falling” and there’s no hope for us all.
    The answer is to privatize the mail system. The old model has been awash in red ink for decades.
    Let’s hope the private sector gets a chance to fill the growing void in government services.

    • I said ‘your government’ because saying ‘my government’ is inaccurate.

      The ONLY reason mail is so inexpensive to send around the US and the world through the USPS is because it is yet 1 more thing … OUR government has subsidized the cost of. Therer IS privatized mail movement, it’s called FedEX and UPS, etc.. But because they don’t subsidize the cost of shipping, it is priced true.

      Make no mistake – the sky IS falling. You will see the USD removed as the world currency. This no one disputes. On a grass roots level, and quietly within world governments, the USD is no longer wanted. Why do you think China has been on a world-wide spending spree? To quietly dump their trillions of green-backs.

    • How did I miss this the first time???

      I said “your government”. You ask me if this is my ‘country’ too?

      The 1st thing you have to understand is the government is a separate entity from this country. This ‘country’ refers to the land and the good, hard working, loyal people that live in this country. The government is a bunch of despots, tyrants and criminals pushing us around all while raping and pillaging our country.

      Yes, this IS my country, yours too. Wake up and take it back. but in the meantime, prepare yourself for the fall of this economy.

  • The post office has been privatized. except congress keeps it’s hand in. Like giving junk mail the low rates and raising rates for the rest of us. Our country has no economic crises. We just choose to spend our money on wars and killing people around the world. We have big oil and big pharma to keep fat with profits. we have to keep taxes low on rich people so they can save more in Europe. If you want to see where Obama and the gop are taking us look at Haiti and Irag. they don’t have post offices either.

    • OMG. Obama is a puppet, the DNC is owned lock stock and barrel by George Soros and Obama does the bidding of his wall street buddies and Soros, among others. As do the GOP idiots.

      Let’s meet for lunch in 3 years and revisit your comment that the US is not in an economic crisis.

      The actual debt is approx $114 trillion adding millions daily and we can’t even meet the interest payments…. but we’re not in an economic crisis.. LOL

      Countries around the world are dumping the USD, but we’re not in an economic crisis.

      They keep printing fiat dollars, but we’re not in an economic crisis…… OMG. the term Normalcy Basis was created for you.

  • Throw the government in with any business and it will fail. U.P.S and Fed Ex have no problem making a profit but not the U.S. Postal Service. Privatize the postal system and the majority of government services.

  • It’s kind of weird that the list of potential closures is called “Expanded Access.” That’s just doublespeak, the opposite of what they have in mind. I guess what they’re thinking is that local stores will take up the slack with their “Village Post Office” program.

    “Village Post Offices are operated by community businesses to proved selected postal products and services, including Forever stamps and Priority Mail Flat Rate packages and envelopes. These retail units may also provide Post Office Boxes either inside or outside the business.”

    Is short, privatization of what was once a government function. Obviously it’s not a plan that will expand access since no one’s store is open 24/7.

    • The Gov is a master of double-speak and diverted meanings. Patriot Act…. Removes the natural and civil rights from Americans. Collateral Damage…
      Death of civilians during armed conflict.

      Whatever the Gov says, imagine the exact opposite.

  • Bob wrote, Obviously it’s not a plan that will expand access since no one’s store is open 24/7.

    Nor are most post offices.

  • it sounds like our government have found its “homeland security army” under the name of USPS ,,,,so…..if we cant get mail at the po box then we get rural delivery,, right ? it has been said lately that the USPS would be reporting to homeland security directly,,,,,wow,,,remove the post office and they put the mail carrier almost in your front yard

    • I don’t believe that they would move to rural delivery. The plan would probably have people picking up mail at the nearest unclosed post office. ie in the case of Phillipsville either in Miranda or Redway. Possibly it would allow for the local store to provide the services but I find that doubtful.

      • In the large rural areas they have carriers, I cant see the few remaining post offices holding the mail for the so many people,that will be left with out boxes,and expect them to come in and pick it up,,on Tivolis facebook she said there were a few hundred boxes available in Redway but we are talking about many more people than that,,,,unfortunately I cant get away from the thought that “they” will make it look like, it will be helping us, making our lives easier, one of those things that is necessary, no big deal,,,,,just puts carrier, almost in your yard ,,,,,,

  • Tony’s George Soros comment tells us where he gets his information… How about Rupert Murdoch, Tony? Anyone really concerned about the economy should read “The Economist” magazine… you can even get it at Ray’s. The folks who run this world have no interest in allowing a collapsed economy but we are in avery tricky situation internationally. It certainly causes me to feel very blessed to be in this community and the US… But, Phillipsville??? Never!!!

  • Don’t worry about the government failing. There is enough gold in Fort Knox to tide us over any crisis…………
    Read the latest government audit of the Fort Knox gold.

  • okay, i give in. I’ll be a robot pod like you guys.

    Good day.

  • something for homeless to do-an exchange for a roof-am game,possibly-

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