A Whale and Her Calf in the Klamath River for Weeks


A whale and her calf have been visiting the Klamath River for several weeks. The Redwood National Park Service has its own video channel on YouTube and has caught the pair on camera.  There are several other good YouTube videos of this amazing event. My favorite is actually this one.  The sound of the two is so clear that you feel you are there.

For the last few days particularly the two have been causing traffic jams on the Klamath bridge.  Here is another really good one by Mo Hollis from the bridge.  It has the best view of the two sea creatures. For awhile so many people gathered on the bridge, there was even a CHP stationed there to keep folk safe. The duo have brought increased tourism to the area.  The last time a whale and her calf came up the river was in 1989.

According to the Redwood National Park Facebook page,

Typically, gray whales migrate up the Pacific Coast in the late spring and summer between their winter birthing grounds along the Baja peninsula and their summer feeding grounds in Alaska. Not all grays whales make the entire journey however, and we can see whales at the mouth of the Klamath almost year-round. It is uncommon to see whales enter the mouth of the river, and extremely rare to find them more than 3 miles inland. The river water at this point is still brackish so these whales are still likely to find adequate food sources. Who knows how long they’ll be here, so find some time to witness this rare and fantastic close encounter with one of the world’s biggest mammals!


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