Marijuana Eradication Operations in Mendocino and Beyond

Rumors and questions have been flying about law enforcement in Mendocino (and also in Humboldt) busting large marijuana operations.  So far there has been no confirmations of any operation ongoing in the Humboldt Co. area but the Mendocino Co. Sheriff has sent out the following information.

Press Release from the Mendocino Co. Sheriff’s Office:

UKIAH, Calif. – We have received many inquiries about ongoing marijuana eradication operations in Mendocino, Lake, Colusa, Glenn, Tehama, and Trinity County. We can confirm these operations are ongoing, however, due to officer safety and security reasons, we cannot release any additional information relating to these activities.

The purpose of this multi-agency, focused operation comprising federal, state and local law enforcement agencies is to identify and eradicate illegal marijuana cultivation sites on public lands in and near the Mendocino National Forest, and to conduct reclamation activities on the environmentally affected areas.

Prop 215 medical marijuana grow sites are not being targeted as this is not the focus of the eradication and reclamation effort.
Large scale illegal marijuana cultivation leads to deforestation, damages wildlife habitats, and induces hazardous chemical pollution.  The use of herbicides, pesticides and rodenticides can cause extensive and long term damage to ecosystems and impact public drinking water for hundreds of miles.

Reclaiming the devastated areas is a key component to the current operations. Removing trash and infrastructure inherent in these sites helps to restore the land to its natural condition. Hundreds of pounds of hazardous debris and trash, including propane tanks and empty pesticide containers are removed from these sites each year.

This process makes the lands available once again for current and future generations to safely enjoy recreating on public lands and benefitting from clean water and healthy natural resources.

We ask for the public’s patience and understanding as we conduct these operations and reclaim our public lands.

For further information please contact Special Agent Michelle Gregory, Public Information Officer, California Department of Justice at (916) 869-0413 or


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