The New Ganja Gazette for Graybeards (And More)

Are you old enough to have seen the Doobie Brothers debut? Do today’s pot magazines seem aimed at another generation?  GrassRoots is a new online magazine designed just for you. The tagline is Serious Content for Mature Marijuana Patients. They offer everything from interviews with older rock stars (Pat Simmons of the Doobie Brothers in this issue) to articles on how to make your own cannabis truffles to legal advice from well-known cannabis attorney Omar Figueroa.

The issue comes in two formats one similar to a blog where you scroll from top to bottom.  The other comes complete with music and smooth magazine-like feel that I recommend.

Below is a list of all the articles available including mine.
The Evolution Of Cannabis As Medicine 6
by Mary Lynne Mathre
Terpenes, The Aroma Of Life 12
by Gene Neptune
HIGHtened Employment Issues 15
by Tamara Holder
Cannabis: The Holy Herb 18
by Katherine Rae
Pat Simmons of the Doobie Brothers interview 22
by Tim Parsons
Cannabis Court 26
by Omar Figueroa
Off The Grass, On Your Ass 28
by Clive Younger
Skip’s Tips; Organic Compost Teas 33
by Skip Jones
Sun Bud 35
by Kym Kemp
Do It Deliciously 39
by Lexi Yurkovsky
The Right Stuff 41
by Robert Lastman



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