Man Killed By His Own Pickup

North Eastern Humboldt was the scene of a tragic accident. In the course of winching firewood up a  hill, a man was run over by his own pickup.  In order to get cell service, his girlfriend hiked out to an area where she could call out. Then she hiked back to his side. Trinity Sheriffs, who initially received the call, were unable to locate the accident. The girlfriend spent the night beside the man (it is unclear if he died immediately or as he lay waiting for help.)  The next day, at around daybreak, she again left her boyfriend to get help.  The Humboldt Co. Sheriffs did not find the accident scene until 11 am the next day. The following is the Humboldt Co. Sheriffs’ press release.

On 07-19-2011 at about 0200 hours the Humboldt County Sheriff’s was requested to
assist the California Highway Patrol and the United States Forest Service in locating
a possible traffic accident scene on Forest Service property in the Groves Prairie area
of northeast Humboldt County, which borders Trinity County. This area is extremely
remote and secluded.

A female caller had called 9-1-1 stating that her boyfriend had been run over by his own
pickup truck. The original call came into the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office on 07-18-
2011. The Trinity County Sheriff’s Office searched their County for the accident scene
and were unable to locate the scene, because of an unknown exact location of the
traffic accident. There are numerous spur roads located off Forest Service property in
this remote location.

On 07-19-2011 at about 1100 hours, Humboldt County Sheriff Deputies and
emergency medical personal finally located the accident scene. When they arrived on
scene they located a deceased male subject age 50. When deputies investigated the
scene and spoke to the female witnesses it appeared that the deceased male subject
was run over by the pickup truck.

In speaking to the female witness at the scene, Deputies learned that the male subject
was cutting firewood with his girlfriend. The male subject was below the front of the
pickup truck off a spur road. He was using his pickup’s wire winch to pull a piece of a
wood log up the hill. While the winch was engaged pulling the log up the hill the pickup
truck jumped over the blocks that were beneath the two front tires, causing the pickup
truck to go down the hill. The male victim attempted to get into the cab of the pickup
to stop his vehicle. At this point the male lost his balance and was run over by his own
pickup truck.

The victim’s girlfriend had to walk out from the scene to call 9-1-1, because of poor
cellular service. The victim’s girlfriend then walked back to the victim and stayed with
him through out the night. At daybreak on 07-19-2011 she left her boyfriend to walk for

The name of the victim is being with held at this time, pending notification of next of kin.
An autopsy is scheduled with the Humboldt County Coroner’s Office for exact cause of



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