North Coast Stand Down's All Vets Day Raffle

Veteran Singing the Star Spangled Banner

WANTED: The North Coast Stand Down is seeking new or gently used donations for the All Vets Day Raffle Which is happening at the North Coast Stand Down October 1st 2011 at the Humboldt County Fair Grounds in Ferndale. Your contributions to the North Coast Stand Down’s All Vets Day Raffle directly helps homeless and at risk Veterans in Our Community. If you wish to contribute to this worthwhile cause, please Contact to make arrangements

> Suggested Donations for the All Vets day Raffle include:
> • Thermal layer clothing
> • Warm waterproof jackets
> • Scarves
> • Warm hats
> • Long white socks Rain Gear Rubber boots
> • New Sneakers
> • New Boots
> • Backpacks
> • Bicycles
> • Bicycle repair tool kits
> • Sleeping bags
> • Blankets
> • Tents/ Tarps
> • Mini Propane stove
> • Misc Camping supplies
> • Utility Multi tools.
> • Travel Games
> • Playing cards
> • Money Belts
> • Flash Lights
> • Non Perishable Packaged food Items .
> • Track Phones
> • Mini Laptops


  • Thanks for sharing this information Kym.

    I’ve been involved with Stand Down since the start in 2006 (doing PR), but haven’t been active these last two years for a multiude of reasons. For example, it’s difficult for me to be around large crowds with my PTSD.

    I’m just happy to see the program continues to “Give a Hand Up – Not a Handout” to our veterans who need it.

  • Here’s an excellent opportunity to help homeless vets in a meaningful way. No rhetoric, just positive results. Thanks for your service, to all veterans.

  • I believe the Veteran is Gene Womak

  • Thanks for posting it, Kym. It’s odd that a nation with a military budget as big as ours that any vet should ever want for shelter, food or medical attention.

  • That was Gene at this years Redwood Run. He’s also the Bugler for the Honor Guard.

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