SKYCAR CAME OO AIR , NOW ON FIRE IN THE BRUSH–A Compilation of Humboldt Oddities This Morning

Humboldt is full of anomalies and oddities this morning.

  1. The weather–I do enjoy the rain but…still, what an odd summer. 56 degrees and raining here in Salmon Creek
  2. The Tweets from the Hank Simm’s bot that collects info from the CHP– namely this one which sounds like it should be beaten out on native drums across the Australian Bush: “SKYCAR CAME OO AIR , NOW ON FIRE IN THE BRUSH.” This supposedly happened at Salmon Creek (the one near CR) on Beatrice Road. The incident is now closed.  I’m trying to find more info but …what the heck???
  3. Persistent unending rumors of a large federal law enforcement crowd in Rio Dell and Scotia from a variety of callers, emailers and friends.  Still, a source on the ground in Scotia tells me “There was a single van at the Scotia Inn with Washington plates.  It looks like a family van–no governmental markings or designations or anything.  The only motel in Rio Dell is Humboldt Gables.  That place is full, but no law enforcement vehicles in the parking lot–only a couple of Priuses, some battered pickups, and a few rental-type economy cars.  No law enforcement plates.”  Doesn’t sound to odd to me but…

There you have it, readers, you know as much as I do. Feel free to chime in with your 2 cents about the weather, the burning skycar, or the feds.

UPDATE: The Skycar incident apparently refers to a logging accident and there were no injuries and the fire appears to be dealt with….most likely by the weather!

  • Laytonville Rock


  • Garberville is jam packed with left-over Rastafarians…

  • i heard the feds are coming to take our jobs

  • I have been waiting all my life for the skycars to come, and now they came to Salmon Creek and not my house. It’s early for the Johnny-light-deps… ohhh— this could be big, an intergalactic bigleaf smuggling op… no wonder the feds are in Fortuna, disguised as tourists (I’ve often thought a rubbernecking tourist was a perfect cover).

    Personally, I won’t serve up leftover Rastafarians because I feel that they are often overbaked to begin with.

  • Yup, secret’s out now. They’re calling them Tunguska parties.

  • Fiance here:

    I just had this mental image of Crab Man from “My Name is Earl” wondering the streets of Garberville with his hair phone, working as an undercover agent. LOL! Fake rastas with cameras buriied in their dreads………

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