Former Hum. Co. Deputy Arrested in Del Norte

Former Humboldt County Deputy Paul Dillard, 64, turned himself in to the Del Norte County Sheriff for charges of being an accessory to a crime.  The charges stem from accusations that he and his wife helped hide their son, Bronson Dillard, 31.  According to the Daily Triplicate, the younger Dillard was arrested June 28th on charges of three counts of lewd acts upon a child, meeting a minor for lewd purposes and three counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. Vicki and Paul Dillard are accused of helping their son by concealing his car and helping him check into a hotel in Siskiyou County.

Paul Dillard is also the chairman of Del Norte County’s Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commission and formerly worked at Pelican Bay State Prison as an associate warden.

(Not that I condone what the Dillards are accused of doing but I wonder if our resources are well spent prosecuting parents that were protecting their child?)



  • The last sentence you added Kym, is what got my attention the most from your post!
    I do understand the instinct to “protect” you child as it runs very deep BUT this was a adult,not a child ,that they were hiding! And if they don’t get prosecuted for it they will be an example that society doesn’t really give a shit . And in this instance, the action that their son allegedly commited is not something like a petty theft, it was something that will change a child/adults life forever. The parents should have been an example an helped figure out a way for their adult son to turn himself in, not hide him.
    Now that was my voice of reason, next, “what a bunch of %##ing scumbags!!

  • “I wonder if our resources are well spent prosecuting parents that were protecting their child?”

    But of course they are, how else are lawyers and judges going to make a living? No parent will ever stop protecting their child, no matter what the deterrent, but it gives prosecutors the chance to pound their podiums and pontificate about “justice under the law”. It gives defense attorneys the chance to defend the rights of a parent, who was, after all, “only protecting their child.” The judge gets to rub his chin and rule on the fairness of the legal proceeding. It’s what makes the world go around, it’s what moves the economy from our pockets to theirs.

    There is no use arguing the futility of the system , as long a the inmates run the asylum.

  • As a former sherriff and a juvenile justice officer he needs to be held to a high standard. I think the parents should be charged. It doesn’t sound like a committed relationship crime, so it’s a real crime. Know what I mean. Lots of cops abuse power. They need extra prosecution, even if it’s their kid they’re protecting.

  • Paul Dillard is also the chairman of Del Norte County’s Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commission…

    Sounds like a strong candidate for the Hypocrite of the Year Award.

  • It is very interesting that people can make comments and judgements from a news article who has their facts wrong. The parents are not Vicki and Paul. Paul is a single man. There are so many things that the Triplicate did not know about the case that the people in Crescent City that know the real story are just sitting around shaking their heads at the misinformation. Misnaming Paul and Vicki as the parents is very small compared to the other misinformation the paper put out. Shame on people who love to jump at what they read without knowing the facts.

    • BB,

      If you have other facts, please let us know. People can only make informed decisions if they have good information. Usually the Triplicate is a good source. I can’t find anything on line about Bronson’s or Vicki’s arrest which seems strange.

      • First of all look at your article. Paul was never a depurty in Humboldt County. Bronson Dillard was! Vicki is Bronson wife, not Pauls! So like I say, you cannot believe everything you read in the papers, especially the Triplicate. So actually some of these folks who have posted their comments are sadly informed and their opinions have no merit.

        • VA, I can’t find much online (sadly my research is limited to that) all I can find is that Bronson was married to a woman named Holly while he was in the service. I can’t find any information about Paul and Vicki. And no evidence of who was a deputy.

  • well as i am the father of the child in question i can tell you that for the most part the information contained in this article is pretty much accurate

  • Fiance here:

    Marc, be glad it wasn’t in Humboldt. That’s all I have to say. You’ll have a better shot at justice than you would if it was there. I am sorry you and your family, especially your daughter are having to go through this. It is so sad that we have to worry about this sort of thing happening to our children. My mind cannot think of anything that is a strict enough punishment for those who take advantage of and do this kind of harm to a child. The perpetrators parents should not have helped him to hide. That is just bad wrong and they should be punished for hiding him if that is indeed what happened. He obviously needs help and trying to cover for him is not doing him or society any favors!

  • Vicki Dillard was indeed Bronsons wife. they have not been married all that long. I know this because we all went to high school here in Del Norte county together. Paul is indeed Bronsons father, and Bronson was the one who was a Deputy in humboldt county.

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