Water Balloon Wars and More at the Vets' Park

With a barrage of water balloons being launched last Wednesday at the homeless/transient gathering at the James Demuling Memorial Veterans’ Grove from a residence above and behind the bookstore, the conflict that has been brewing took a wild turn.  An employee of the laundromat, Rebecca McFarland, says that last week she came to work to find folk at the park throwing apples and rocks at what she thought was her car and her business.  A van of German tourists, she says, were upset and concerned that somehow their presence was causing the attack.  According to McFarland,  the tourists had planned to spend some time in town but left hastily.  The attack she says was not on them or on her however but in retaliation for a continuing hail of water balloons thrown by some sort launcher from above.  Insults were hurled from the folk above to the “dirty homeless” below and insults were returned and so were rocks and apples at the “stupid rednecks” above. The bare chested man on the rock braved stinging assaults to hurl his own replies. Finally the sheriff called a time out and sent the bad boys to their respective corners.

The park, McFarland says, is often hung with hammocks.  At the time this photo was taken there were three in the small area. To her, it’s “a lot like putting up a tent.  It makes the place look even worse.”  She says she was recently cited for making out in her car on the river bed.  Why, she wonders, is one thing wrong and not the other?

Gatherings of transients/homeless/outlying residents at the park are frequent.  This picture by Rebecca McFarland was taken of what she says was a group of inebriated folk.  She says one of them chased her demanding that she delete the photos in her camera and that only her assertion that they had already been sent to the sheriff caused him to back off.

Some of the incidents in themselves are humorous (I confess to laughing so hard at Rebecca’s description of the balloon wars that I nearly cried) but the recent stabbing and the serious need for some sort of public restroom make this area a subject we have deal with soberly.  We need to figure out how to make this park work for all of us–business folk, transients, homeless, vacationers, and residents.



  • I live directly behind the laundromat, next door to the rednecks. I am constantly feeling pressured and sometimes feel under attack from both sides. The big loud mean rednecks make so much noise with their machines and toys, and it wakes everyone up up too early even (especially) on Sunday morning! The rednecks have big mean dogs and they fail to control them. The rednecks are abusive to their children and we have to listen to that too. 🙁 Rumor is that the rednecks have been evicted…

    The transients have been a growing concern over this past year. They have been growing in numbers and growing in bad attitudes. They play drums late and even all night sometimes. They often have dogs that are loose too, malnurished and even sick. The transients cross the street and use the front of the bookstore as their living room. There is free food, clothing, and books for them there. And they the water spigot there to wash up.

    I can no longer leave my home without an incident. Either rednecks or transients harass me and my little dog nearly evey day. I have lived here for 17 years and this past year has been very different and very difficult. Now I have to carry pepper spray and sometimes a pocket taser to feel brave enough to go anywhere… especially to the laundromat. Our little neighborhood here in Garberville is no longer the quiet, safe place that it once was…

    and WHAT IN THE WORLD will happen when the sherrif’s sub station closes!

    • The Gangster redneck :)

      [Deleted by Kym} you who litter and panhandle in this community I see you hitch hiking all the time. Some of us or most of us are very sick of it. Second, I have never beaten my kids!!! My kids are disiplined for stupid normal kid things. They are not just allowed to do whatever they want like a lot of kids. We are parents who take very good care of our kids and they are very respectful. Just because we don’t let them run all over us dosen ‘t mean we beat them. My kids WILL be someone important unlike you. As for everyone we all know she must be so crazy when she says she needs pepper spray and a tazer to walk around town. And for the noise if you would [Deleted by Kym] go to bed at a normal time then you wouldnt be woken up at noon. Get a fuckin life and grow up. Mind your own buisness and you will get futher in life and might not have so many enemies. Then you might save money to ride the transit bus instead of hitch hiking. [deleted by Kym} Have a good day, and I better not see anything else on here about me or my family!!

  • K at the bookstore

    Well, the balloon wars continued for a couple days more, and each day I’d go down and chat with the guys and say “hey, let’s try to be kind of more mellow, ‘kay?” and they would try to calm down. But the last day I went over one of my friends over there said “it’s not fair, you come and tell us to calm down, but they are flinging the balloons”. I agreed that this was certainly not fair, though I tried to point out that the house from which the balloons came had lots of little kids living in it and they were celebrating a birthday.
    They weren’t celebrating a birthday yesterday or the day before, said the guys.
    So I went to talk with my neighbors, introducing myself as the lady from the bookstore (really, I used my name). Dad of the household told me he didn’t give a (bleepity bleep) about the guys in the park because they were all alkies and he had to listen to them day after day.
    I forebore pointing out the litter of beer cans surrounding his chair.
    He also told me he did not give a bleepity bleep about any of them merchants like me (I suppressed my smile).
    He told me the guys in the park (he didn’t mention the young women) enjoyed it, it was a game.
    I told him I had just spoken with them, and they were not enjoying it. The evening was coming on and it was not good to be wet and chilled.
    He said “I just want my kids to have a good time”
    I agreed that kids should have good times, but this good time wasn’t working too well. I said “and which of the kids is the birthday child?” Birthday kid was little and inside; I’d heard her crying earlier.
    The other kids had been listening to the conversation very earnestly and asked “do we have to not fire any more water balloons?” Dad was quiet, I said “you know, if you fire them across the fence that way they’ll fall in my back garden. My plants wouldn’t mind. Or up in the air, maybe?”
    And I smiled and left (I don’t think my neighbor is fond of me now).

    I like the days the folks using the park come and borrow chess sets from us and play long games of chess.

    And I think it is important to understand that about 99% of the time the park is quiet and lovely, with people just enjoying a moment of respite, conversation, and community.

  • I hate to be contradictory K, BUT, the only time the park has been peaceful and quiet in the last year was when it was fenced off. Before they fenced it off, it was getting HORRIBLE. First just a couple people, then 10, then 20… then 25-30 people living there with no toilets!!!! Now that the fence is down it is slowly gaining people again and now gaining frequency of party noise all night and hostile incidents during the day.

    I AM NOT okay with the transient traffic here and the threats they and their loose dogs have made towards me. They see you (the folks at the bookstore) as their supporters and friends so they will not threaten you. But they do threaten me, your next door neighbor.

    BOTH, the rednecks and transients, have no RESPECT for the quiet and peace-loving folks that are in the crossfire here.

    I think that we need a camp area on the edge of town, for the homeless with toilets and showers. I would like to feel safe walking around my home again.

  • It would be nice if all the people who came here would respect the Business owners who are trying to attract customers. It would be extra special if they devoted some of their time to cleanup around town and especially after each other! Let’s face it, so far, besides sending tourists away, what meaningful contribution do they offer those of us who reside here? Remember the old 60,s saying. Ass, Cash or Gas. Nobody rides for Free!

  • It was “ass, gas, or grass” as i remember it– guess replacing “cash” was what made it hippie. Point taken, everyone has something to contribute, and systems (ideally) are set up to make it easy for people to do so.

  • With the Vets letting the lease go, it is not the “vets” park any more, it is in limbo, simply county property, and there are no posted rules. one would hope that common sense and decency could help, but its doing much here.

  • So we all can agree that we do need some place for people to be? we just don’t want them at the park, downtown, in the bush, on the river bar, in “OUR TOWN”. So why can’t we have a camp ground out of town where people can have the same basic human rights as you and I have… A place to sleep, go to the bathroom, eat,shower?

    • any room in your front yard ??

      • how about your yard? don’t ask people to do what you aren’t willing to do yourself.

        • the point of my remark is that they are in the “yard” I look at every day,,,,I park my car there, look out the window at the mess of homeless drifters, watch the law breaking hour after hour. THAT IS THE POINT…..they are in the “yard” of everyone who works a job in town,,,,,she is the one asking for something,,,,,always with the “WE HAVE TO DO FOR THEM” so,,,,,,,,,,she can take them home with her and stop using part of town as a homeless camp

  • Build it and they will come. Give and they’ll be happy to take all you have. And don’t wait for a thank you. A camp away from town leaves them with too for travel for drugs and alcohol.

  • I always envisioned a camp a little ways out. Not in anyone in particular’s back, or front, yard. It would need to be funded at least to the point of paying an organizer/manager. Then maybe the more conservative believers in old-fashioned “charity” rather than government-coordinated funding could scare up some volunteers to staff it. It would def. need many hands, and good-hearted people. My idea is that everyone has something to offer, even if it’s just sweeping a floor, pulling some weeds, or painting and fixing up old furniture. Maybe for some it’s actually singing a song during the dinner hour, or maintaining a small reading and video library. Anyway, ideally some work, some certain number of hours a day, would be required to stay there. If you didn’t do your work, eventually your going-away gift might be an escort and a Greyhound ticket out of here… at the least it would be explained to you, as you walked sullenly off to the brush, that you were welcome to return when you were ready to cooperate. If you did your work, though, you could enjoy three squares a day, a shower, laundry facilities, and a safe bed. Not necessarily private or spacious, any of these things. Just the minimum, something to give people back some faith in themselves and in humanity. Good wholesome food, perhaps eventually a mobile medical unit visiting regularly, and rewards for quitting smoking or however people wanted to encourage healthy behavior. How to get to town for drugs and alcohol (haha)… a shuttle, of course. A bus that more permanent citizens here wouldn’t even mind getting on, if they had to, because the people wouldn’t smell like three months’ worth of sweat and dirt, and they might not be as surly as you’d think, after a good night’s sleep and breakfast.

    • That little fantasy would be more than a camp, obviously. I’m talking about a facility, a lodge at least and some little cabins or yurts, or possibly tents. But some central building for all those structured features.

      Don’t ask me where the money for such a thing would come from. I really believe that in the long run, it’s always less expense and trouble to keep people content, or at least not so unhappy they’re angry (when they have nothing to lose by expressing their misery and hostility).

      • why couldn’t the money come from people that are successful and have money to spare oh yeah they’re greedy and don’t want to help others or think that if they help them they would just be met w surly attitudes! I have been one of these transients in your little town a long time ago. The way I remember it was our dogs didn’t aggressively approach people we were respectful to the park and the community and the businesses and people showed their kindness in return! I know there is no perfect answer but if everyone in the situation came from a place of compassion n realized that we all are just a step away from homelessness maybe they could understand each other better! Man when you’re homeless it’s easy to give in to things like alcohol n drugs they make you feel good even tho you’re stuck in the rain w wet gear and all your stuff smelling of wet dog!!! Please people love one another, and yes I’m a fuckin hippie! My daughter was born in G-ville proud to say that I lived there and grateful for everything that put me where I am today! Love Light n Blessings! Grateful Jedi

        • im sure there would be funds and donations for a respectful upstanding group to help people……however: NO ONE wants to pay, donate, fund, any kind of account for helpless homeless drifters, while they seemingly do not much but sit around and drink alcohol, and or smoke who knows what………its not about greed its about respect,the people I know work hard for what they have and the thought of handing it over to someone who lays around all day is not a good thought,,,,,show some,,,,watch your mouth please,,the f bomb is not fun to read,,thanx

    • The only weeds these people will pull is the kind you can smoke. They don’t want to work. That’s a job for you and responsible citizens,Your altruism is wonderful but misplaced. These vagrants only want to party and find drugs and are looking for suckers to finance them. Don’t buy in. 🙁

  • I have worked hard for many years to get to this point in my life, I have had my share of hard times (very hard) yet still I push on. I dont have a problem giving to anyone who needs a “hand up” but I refuse to give “hand outs”….. I have asked ones holding “work” cardboard to help sweep up at the laundromat but not yet have I gotten anyone to say “yes”…….”””WE dont need to fix all their problems,,,YOU can do what ever you want, but WE didnt agree on much above,,,,,just because you say it does not make it so….

    • So true, Rebecca. That’s why i suggested something supported largely by volunteers, to keep happy those of you who would rather either have the homeless people right in their faces in town, or actually are cruel enough to feel that people who were unfortunate enough to be born retarded or handicapped or sensitive enough to be wrecked by traumatic events– such as service to our military– should just be left to rot and die.

      • Not that i sympathize with those kids of privileged families who think it’s a lark to try out hobo life, and hang around college towns panhandling, torturing passersby with their guitar or drums practice, and seeing how long they can go without bathing. I want to boot them right back to suburbia and hope Dad withholds their allowances. Not sure you get many of them around Garberville.

      • have you been to the “vets park” mid afternoon,,,, do you see these people we are talking about in this post ?? I am not talking about ones that need help I am talking about ones that are drinking and smoking (pot & speed) all day long in that park

        • No, i haven’t, but i believe you. There are always a few who make everyone look bad… or maybe it’s a lot who make the few look bad; same idea, either way there really are people in need of a helping hand. A place where some kind of service was required would sort out those with good intentions from those intent on abusing and leeching off the program. Then i don’t know what i would do with the leeches after that… Siberia? A desert island? Or just the normal hellish world (for us and for them) of living one day at a time, getting in the faces of everyone they see with their wants and needs. I don’t know.

    • Rebecca, I’ve had the opposite happen at my place, an artist once painted windows for holidays, another guy bought 10 chickens to put in the oven for Ctmas dinner, today 2 people mowed my lawn. Maybe it’s your attitude. i show them I love them, they love me back.

      • I dont need anyone to camp in my yard,,i just wanted some help in the parking lot,,,maybe it wasnt so much my attitude but maybe that your lawn got mowed by the people who were staying at your place ?? please try not to realign the facts to make me look worse and or your look better,,,just facts wold be nice……..

  • Who are we to Judge?? Lets hope you or any of your family members don’t lose their job, then their home, because you wont like be called names and not having basic human rights. Rebecca find a new line…. Thats whats wrong with So.Hum everyone just want to jump to a conclusion of “what you think is going on with these human beings”. There, by the Grace of God goes anyone of us!! Lets find solutions to our towns problems instead of HATING on people, Please? I’m glad when I was down the town didn’t kick me in the teeth…. I had someone to help me. Let the people that care about these folks take care of them @ a campground. We have people on the streets that have high degrees, some have lost their jobs, flooded out in other states they have had bad things happen in their lives and this is where they ended up. I’m sure they never thought they would be talked about on a blog like they are dirt bags…
    Shame on us!! So if it was one of your family members would you want them to get help? or would you want us to kick them when they are down?? Come on Garberville lets work together and find a solution for these folks…. Oh yeah all you “215 growers” hahaha need these folks to work so the money can help keep our Southern Humboldt business people doors open. Just stating facts… no 215, no business’s, period..
    Just my thoughts… Lets come together people and fix our small problem! If you think we have a houseless situation maybe you should go peek at Eureka… you will come home saying we can fix our toot-sweet!

    • why do you call me names then ask me not to call names ??
      just because i dont agree with you you are on me all the time…..
      you have no clue about me,,,,
      i was homeless, august 28th I’ll have 13yesrs clean from heroin,,,I have a history that if you care to asked a few in that park about they would even tell you.. i lived in a camp with Terry, bet you didnt know that,,,
      you really need facts before you go slinging your shame and blame,,,,,

      “”Rebecca find a new line….”” would that be one from your bible or maybe ???? you make it sound like typed all these horrible things about the homeless camp “vets park” BUT in reality, in reading back thru all the posts,,,your words were by far the most degrading and nasty about then,,,,no one but you called them those things,,,

  • Oh yeah I know hundreds of folks in So. Hum that live in houses that have horrible addictions,domestic violence, doing tweek, basically their lives are a mess and we aren’t blogging about them. I went to get my hair cut in one of our local business’s and the person was drunk. [Deleted by Kym] nobody talks about that….. See the folks that don’t have shelter have to live their lives in front of us…. Have you ever had a huge problem, addiction? I’m speaking to those that live in a house???? well you got to do it behind a door ,and I’m sure if it was seen by the community you would be judged as a undesirable and undeserving like the way you all have judged them…… think about it..

    • one difference is that ( we, you, I ) can choose, have a choice, if we want “”to get my hair cut in one of our local business’s and the person was drunk.”” we dont go,,,,,,or if working out if a concern just dont go “”t[Deleted by Kym]”” yuck,, that is the point, they have the right to defile their own spaces BUT ( we, you, I ) dont have to watch,,,in the space known as the “Vets park” we do…it is a public place……..

  • I really don’t see why this issue has dragged on for so long. To Suzy the solution is a no brainer. We need public restrooms in Garberville –period. There should be four of them installed, not portapottys, but sturdy permanent buildings. One at the north end of town, one at the south end, one near the post office, and one at the town square. The one near the square should have shower facilities too. Install them and maintain them. Presto, problem solved.

    • Smart woman! Tolerance and respect breed tolerance and respect. Human rights must be protected. Human bodies need bathrooms, unless those who refuse to make them available want to keep complaining and ticketing people for peeing and pooping in public. Seriously, what are they supposed to do, move to a town that has public bathrooms? Silly! Did I hear someone say if bathrooms are made available the homeless will stay and never go away? They live here because they want to, its an American right to live where ever you want to! Public bathroom or not homelessness is growing!!! POVERTY is the reason, that and superior attitudes by snobby people, some things never change.

  • Den Mom, Go into the midst of the group of folks at the Vets park and offer your support, help and love. Than come back and tell us all how to fix what humanity has been unable to fix no matter what Country your from. If respect for our local community is not in their best interests it makes it real hard for them to be in mine. I would love nothing more than a program that puts these down and out folks back on their feet to be functional contributing members of society. Who’s going to lead this crusade? I vote for you, your heart is in the right spot, I just hope the experience does not leave you jaded.

  • Build it and they will come and take all you offer. You’ll receive no thanks just more crime, vagrancy and disrespect.

  • None of the worthless vagrants hanging out at the former Vet Park are truely “homeless”,disabled or mentally challenged. These are street bums that never had a job to loose in the first place. Ask them to pick up some trash and they’ll disrespect you in the rudest way possible.

    The Sheriff’s Dep’t.shares respinsibility for this chaos. The S.O. needs to loose the doughnuts wake up, do their job and run the rifraf out of town. It’s very simple and is a proven tool for law enforcement. You don’t see scum bags loitering in Willits, Ukiah, Leytonville, Fortuna, McKinleyville, Crescent City, ect. We’ve always taken care of the truely needy and homeless here.

    And by the way, as of today, we no longer have a Fed Ex drop in front of the Garberville Credit Union because the vagrants/scum bags keep urinating in it and ruining the mail. Wake up bleeding hearts before they trash your town.

    • Fed Up……there is not an original thought to anything that you have said. All you are doing is parroting what mean spirited and hard hearted people say as an excuse for being greedy and intolerant. I’m sorry that you are so miserable. I’ve taken homeless people home with me for 20 years and have had bad times and good times, that’s life. To live is to love, hate and fear will slowly kill your spirit. Choose love.

      • what Fed Up typed may have been harsh, not un true, but harsh to read and see in print,,,,,yours however, was rude and mean, personally spiteful towards one who does not agree with you,,,,,,,Odd how when someone does not agree with you the tactics come out = shaming, blaming, guilt , its like somehow you think it will help,,,next comes the part where you excuse me of doing it, right

      • Kateascot,
        Rebecca made a good point for you consider. Rude, mean, personally spiteful attacks against those you disagree with is inappropriate and devaluates free and open discussions. Parroting, mean spirited, hard hearted, greedy and intolerant? Where did that come from? You shouldn’t defame a person for offering an opinion. There’s no hate and fear here. We simply disagree. I deal with reality and solutions. Thank you though for 20 years of helping homeless. I’ve helped dozens of homeless vets over the past 40 years and none of them asked for a free park and hang out. They wanted a hand up not a hand out.

        As for chronic urinating in the Fed Ex box and ruining hundreds of dollars worth of mail and parcels. That is pure evil and vandalism and has nothing to do with no public restrooms in town. This is the type of behavior you’re encouraging and these acts will be common place, with the scum bags (not homeless) you’re attracting. I choose love tempered with a strong dose of reality.

  • I have lived in this community since birth & I have NEVER seen this many “Miss Fits”! My feelings are these people at the “Vets Park” are not seeking any type of help other than a free hand out and so long as we (the community) continues to give they will stay. My suggestion is for Den Mom and those who have great sympathy like “K” , take them home with you , bath and feed them, introduce them to your children, help them find “themselves”.

    True down and out folks who are really trying to reach the other side of there luck are not found in the “Vets Park”, you may find them in a local church or shelter looking to find work ( and preforming it) . Those who truly need help are seeking it. Wake up people! What more will this community will we have to give up in order to continue to this vagrant camp?

    • I’m sorry to say this because I’d like to think that you know what you are talking about but you clearly do not. You have an opinion, no experience.

  • Fed up you made my point, they have to use a FED EX box for a bathroom!!
    Oh yeah the reason you don’t see houseless folks in those other towns is BECAUSE they address their problem with shelters,trans.housing, low income housing, Detox, etc.. Lets work together as a community, and solve this problem.
    A campground out of town really is the answer. They wont be on the side walks in town.We are just wearing out the sheriffs dept. with this issue. Think about it ??

    • A $1.00 a night campground is the only sensible solution to the housing problem in HumCo. Housing is the problem, there’s not enough at or below poverty level housing in this county.
      I right now have 6 homeless campers in my backyard. They can stay a week before the move on. I’ve been doing this for 20 years. Yes I’ve had problems, but I have problems with housed people also. I’ve not felt in danger nor do I ever hate or judge anyone.
      Every single addict I’ve ever known has a story like the one’s you hear about in the paper. When children someone raped them, they saw their parent killed, a sister or brother murdered, beaten and treated like animals, had a bad car accident and now has brain damage, etc. War vets are traumatized, severely beaten women who are mentally ill, on and on the stories go. They are down and out and people around them kick them when their down by shaming them for not doing more. No one knows what another human is capable of unless you’ve walked in their shoes, then you will have compassion because you know the burden they carry.
      If the county does not offer enough housing for people then there will be homelessness, period.

  • fed up are you serious, you want the sheriffs to run people out of town?? oh man what happen to a free country?

  • Fed up how do you sleep at night?? all you do is pick on disabled folks, and I believe that is against the law. Do you pick on small children too?? The hate you carry around inside of you makes me sad for you. You too are sick… anger is drinking the poision and hoping someone else dies, it doesn’t work that way…… Sandy they would never go near a church for fear of finding judgemental people like YOU….. None of you have any idea of what is going on in their lives or how they are being helped… They are reading all of this hate thrown on them…My experience has been that when you fling hate at people that are down and out, like you are doing, they will do the same back..
    Good Luck I wouldn’t want to be you…. It’s all about Loving one another!!

    • Den Mom,

      I sleep very well thank you and thank you for asking. Why do you and your ilk always attempt to make this a personal attack against those with an opposing view? The reason is that your argument is bankrupt.

      Please show me Den Mom where I’ve picked on DISABLED folks!!! You made the mean spirited and demonizing accusation against me by saying that all I do is pick on disabled persons, now back it up, especially since I’m also breaking the law too.

      These bums won’t go near a church because there are no drugs or alcohol available and someone might offer them work God forbid. Don’t forget your ‘homeless’ buddies destroyed the Presbyterian Church grounds not long ago and stole everything in site, before they were forced to leave.

  • Fix this Den Mom, please! Once you figure out how to do this, let the rest of the world know your secret solution! Until than, I would expect these down on their luck folks to be respectful of our town and the folks who reside here. Most of us started out flat broke, we worked to aquire what we have now, what little we have and with the taxs and assessments included, we just make it. I did not take an interest in psychology nor being a social worker. What the answers are, I don’t know. I had to figure it out.

  • Well said Fed Up! As for kateascot, if you were insinuating ” I have no opinion” shame on you. Because mine differs from yours does not warrant the comment. As for Den Mom, there are MANY of people who attend some form of church that would be more than happy to help those that are TRULY needy with out preaching the word of GOD! I myself do not attend a church but have always felt if help were needed that would be a good place to look. I have been down and out in my time , using all the public assistance available to me. I chose to educate myself and get a job. If these folks have the ability to “Read what we are saying” then they have the same tools to educate themselves and seek employment. As for the “public restroom”, I know some who have been employed to clean the “rest areas” on the highway , let me say that the “sanitary issue” should warrant a “Haz-Mat” certificate and all appropriate vaccines. People defecate and place it in the hand dryers, they smear it on the walls, throw up where ever. Plug up the sinks and commodes just for the fun of it, if they can break it, it gets broken. If we were to have such a “public” restroom who would be the first one in with the “Haz-Mat” certificate & vaccines to clean them? Any takers?

  • i will say on the matter of the”rednecks” that is my family…along with the “rednecks” are 4 innocent children that you have slandered with a horrible word! you are free to write as you please about adults because you will someday face those individuals but you stated that those children are being beaten. that is a serious allegation that is false! my nieces and nephews are kids who get disciplined the way that their parents choose but i have never witnessed nor heard that anyone layed a hand on them! these comments you have made are not only counterproductive but also against what we southern humboldt people believe. are you saying that we love the homeless people that sit on my tax money and use the restroom on our state parks and steal from our buisnesses but we don’t love people who work (which my family does very hard) and children just because you do not agree with how they live?! i myself know that no man nor woman is perfect and i do not like some individuals but i do NOT speak about thier children or them without giving them the benefit! now i know my family is different which i love sometimes they can be a little crazy but what family isn’t? i write this to the women who spoke so harshly……a note for you: if you yourself care about southern humboldt my family is here and is staying so mabea you ladies should stop being negative and offer some positive like saying they have been evicted did you ever think about the kids that were evicted if they were even evicted…..or did you just take this blog as an option to vent about all the negative feelings you have against people that you have differences with? if so understand this and this is important so read carefully…..dont ever speak about my family like this again! period!

  • Please everyone, I know tempers are running high over this. Please try to speak kindly about your neighbors. I haven’t been paying as much attention lately and accusations got bandied about from the first posts. Mostly folks are pretty respectful here and I got sloppy about monitoring. On this blog I ask that you not insult others, that you state your facts, and try to promote respect and dialog to fix problems. Thank you.

  • Like most things, this is a matter of unfulfilled reciprocity:

    It isn’t the disenfranchised unemployed homeless people who piss community residents off. It is the substance abusers who take from society without contributing back to it that make hardworking people mad — residents who work hard to keep roofs over their own heads and to provide for their families.

    Then, when they reach out to help the rest of the community, like building a community park in honor of a philanthropic resident, it is their fellow hardworking community members they’d like to see benefit from it.

    And you HATE to see it destroyed and wrecked and taken away by people who themselves contribute absolutely nothing.

    This meeting will be held at the Vet’s Hall in Garberville on Friday,
    Oct. 7 beginning at 6 p.m.


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