Humboldt Supes to Discuss Scope of Marijuana Ordinance Tomorrow

Tomorrow, the Humboldt County Supervisors will discuss various issues including the scope of the proposed marijuana ordinance.  Last December, the Medical Marijuana Subcommittee (Supervisors Mark Lovelace and Jimmy Smith), reported to the board on the host of issues it saw as important “including indoor cultivation, outdoor cultivation, dispensaries,
edibles, distribution, testing and labeling.”  The Board then decided to address first the issue of indoor cultivation. In January, in a rather contentious meeting, it was decided that more time was needed to gather information before an ordinance was adopted.

Tomorrow’s meeting will discuss what will be addressed in just the first ordinance.  Other ordinances to be discussed in the future will address outdoor and larger scale cultivation and how the County will deal with marijuana if it should become legalized. Acccording to Supervisor Mark Lovelace tomorrow’s meeting is not about the details of the draft ordinance. “We will not have the draft before us, nor will we be discussing any of the details of that draft.  We will only be talking about the scope of what we have asked the Planning Commission to take up at this time… so that we can move on to addressing the other issues that we have all talked about.  We will also direct our department heads to sort out the appropriate departmental responsibilities for different pieces… The current draft ordinance is only intended to address dispensaries and growing inside residences.  I want to start addressing edibles, testing, labelling and, most importantly, outdoor cultivation.  Some folks still seem to believe that we are only going to allow growing indoors.  The sooner we can start working on an ordinance for outdoor cultivation, the sooner we can put that fear to rest.”

This is expected to be addressed first thing so be there at 9am. For more information see today’s Times Standard.



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