Accident Just North of Confusion Hill

Highway 101 just North of Confusion Hill may be experiencing serious traffic difficulties.  According to a confused report on the CHP Traffic site, two RV’s may have hit head on or possibly one has hit a guardrail.  An ambulance is responding.  The road is not being reported closed but I’ll keep you updated.

UPDATE:3:25pm: The South bound lane is blocked with a Class C motor home (approx . 25′ long)

UPDATE:5:30pm:  The CHP has re-stated the position as just south of Confusion Hill

UPDATE:5:51pm: A report places the wait at between 5-10 minutes. There appears to have been only one vehicle involved.

UPDATE:6:44pm:  The accident has been classified as one with major injuries.

UPDATE:10:25 pm: Roadway cleared.


Final UPDATE 7/12:  Times Standard is reporting the driver was arrested for intoxication and that one passenger was taken to Garberville Hospital while another was airlifted to Santa Rosa.


photo from Confusion Hill site.


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10 years ago

Any more information on the motorhome accident at confusion hill?

10 years ago

I drove by shortly after there was an rv in south bound lane looked like the top was ripped off. There was parts of the wreckage all over the highway and down the hill but I couldn’t tell what happened I hope everyone was ok