Pot Country–Tonight's KQED Production Features Locals


This is coming out tonight.  You should watch this.  It tells the history of Humboldt’s relationship with marijuana. Also see the web page.



  • Fiance here: Where is it airing?

  • Kym,
    Do you know what time it’ll be on tonight?
    what channel would KQED be? public broadcasting?

  • I think KQED is out of San Francisco. It is on at 7:30 on KQED 9

  • Please tell me someone Tivo’d or taped it! How the heck do I always manage to miss these things?!

  • I’m getting a copy from one of the creators. I’ll share.

  • The trailer / excerpt is gorgeous! Nice production values and calm concern with people’s stories, love it, can’t wait to see the whole thing.

  • Looks like a well done production. Any tips on how a non tv person can get a copy or other air dates so I can have a friend record it? Nice to see familiar faces on this 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing, Kym. Even though most things have both good and bad sides, it seems to me that many downtrodden folks could benefit if they were able to follow a similar path. I believe it would be nice if a network of cannabis growers could engage in some friendly competition across this great country. Maybe someday our government will become enlightened.

  • Ernie B and nekkid hippies, can’t wait to see the rest.

  • If there are any other movie makers out there, I get ten million per film.

  • While you grew up here in the beautiful hills of southern humboldt, kym, I was 300 miles south watching “improvement” projects turn the area into the shithole it is today….one insignificant loss of opens space at a time…a few more feet on either side of a road here and there, now and then….

    …next time you post one of your very cool photographs of the backyard you’re very blessed to call home, imagine a bulldozer tearing a road right through the middle of it. No redwoods to endanger in most of them either! WOO! Kinda personal, sorry, but thanks for reading!

    good night!

  • Hey Kym, I still can’t find a way to watch this online. Any help? Thanks.

  • Matthew,
    I’ve searched and can’t find anything. I sent Kate (one of the creators) an email asking your question (you aren’t the only one.) If she has a good answer for you, I’ll post it here.

    • Just got a reply from Kate, she says, “We have also been applying to festivals, and we were just accepted into our first one — Mill Valley International Film Festival. So the film will “premiere” at MVFF, and then with any luck there will be other festivals. We are hoping to screen the film in Garberville at the movie theater, so we’re going to see if we can make that happen. I’ll keep you posted on that.”

      If there are updates, I’ll post them here.

  • Thanks, Kym, I do appreciate it.

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