New Costs for Rural Landowners


The Lost Coast Outpost is reporting on a new bill that will charge rural landowners an extra $150 per building. This could get expensive if they count sheds and greenhouses…



  • Does this mean that if you live where your covered by say Briceland Fire, or Fruitland Ridge.. you would still have to pay? What about properties with several dwellings// mulitple land owners? This could become another nightmare.

  • Taxes are now called “Fees”. Death to family budgets by a thousand cuts politicians call “fees”. New fire protection taxes, new water rights taxes, new proposed food service handling licensing taxes for waiters/waitresses and dish washers and so on and so on. And people don’t get to vote on the new “taxes” directly, But this is still taxation with representation, as we collectively vote for the politicians that continually impose new taxes (fees?) on the voters. On a Federal Level maybe the debt ceiling shouldn’t be raised and more fat needs to be cut out of government to balance the budget. As for Firefighting; there is a lot of fat to be cut from the Big Business of the Fire Industrial Complex, that the big business of firefighting has turned into. Most of the new Fees (Taxes!) go to creation of new programs and government jobs and benefits packages. Why in California are there both a Department of Water Quality Control and a Department of Water Resources and not just one Department of Water? More redundant government jobs is the answer. So many redundancies of office staff, offices and increasing waste in government is one of the main causes of our national and state debt “crisis”. Not for public services but for more government jobs. Just my opinion. No New Taxes (Fees) without a vote at the ballot box by the people.

  • While I share Harry’s frustration over taxes disguised as fees, government inefficiencies and redundancies, etc., not to mention so many wrong-headed choices in spending, I’m also frustrated by the fact that income taxes for upper income earners are lower than they’ve been since the Truman administration. It’d be funny if it weren’t for the tragic and far-reaching consequences.

    • It boggles my mind how the income for the top 1% keeps rocketing upwards while our government keeps reducing taxes on them–and at the same time increasing fees for the rest of us.

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