Garberville Grass and a Marijuana Mishmash

Garberville Grass, a new business, isn’t…or at least it isn’t located in our little hamlet of Garberville.  Instead, it will be opening July 9th in the adjoining town of Redway (The name Redway Reefers probably didn’t have quite the same flair.  In the late Seventies, I remember being at a party in Santa Rosa where Garberville Gold was introduced as the pinnacle of pot achievement. Redway has yet to achieve that level of notoriety.) Hopefully, the cannabis from this new dispensary will at least come from the Humboldt/Mendocino area because the company already has two locations in Sacramento and a Sacramento contact phone number. The Grand Opening is this Saturday July 9th, noon – 4pm at the old Grotto building. (Whoops, I read the map wrong.  This is located by Renners.) Wouldn’t it be interesting if the pot was being grown indoors in Sacramento and driven to Humboldt? Talk about bring coals to Newcastle… I’m looking forward to learning more about them.

Other marijuana stories that need your attention are that, according to all reports, the Mendocino Forest is about to see a return of Operation Greensweep style summer. Getting rid of illegal, ugly grows in our public lands is great.  I just hope it doesn’t result in a terrible loss of life–last year was one of the most violent on record.

A letter in the Times Standard today about District Attorney Paul Gallegos and his response to marijuana cases is bound to stir up the age old controversy between liberals and conservatives in this community.

Obama Administration starts a pushback against Medical Marijuana grows.  Could be good for prices and bad for those who end up in jail convinced they were following state law…



  • Humboldt For US!

    Boooo! What a terrible idea. They should go back to Sac and we will meet them there. Garberville Grass owned by sacramento money chasers? Run them out. Unless there’s more too this I’m not aware of.

  • I don’t think this is located at the old Grotto building. That’s Northwest Traders, purveyor of rugs and other imports, and the interior shots on Garberville Grass’ facebook page look nothing like it.
    Also, the address of Garberville Grass is 1358 Redwood Drive, according to their facebook page, making it across the street from Blue Star Gas at 1333 and fairly close beside PG&E at 1328….
    Redway business addresses go from 2874 at Criss’ Flower shop to 3320 at Redway Tire and 3430 at Shop Smart.

  • It’s behind the Union Oil bulk plant. Near the old health club gym.

  • The G’ville health club had a slogan.
    “Don’t let your body go to pot.”
    How ironic is that?

  • Isn’t that where Deryl Cherney was looking to start a collective. His name was already in the papers looking for a local place to start. I might well be wrong. When I said Coals to Newcastle, I hadn’t read your blog, Kym. Tourists would like it, I think. Oaksterdam North.

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