President Obama To Announce That Osama Bin Laden Dead–They have the Body

UPDATE 11:51:  A coherent overview of what happened.

UPDATE 10:36: Compound located on Google map here.

UPDATE 10:05: This twitter feed is of a man who lives in Abottabad and was twittering the attack on Osama’s compound as it happened! Scroll back to May 1st tweets to start reading at the beginning.

UPDATE 9:38: Women and children taken into custody during attack on Osama.

UPDATE 9:35: AP reports 4 U.S. helicopters launched the attack in the Bilal area of Abbottabad, 100 km north of Islamabad. 1 helo crashed, apparently hit by ground fire.

UPDATE 9:33: Crowds gathering at Ground Zero and Times Square.

UPDATE 9:24:  One woman, three men killed in attack on Osama according to some reports.  One is Osama’s son.

UPDATE 9:09: The attack on Osama apparently was reported to news sources as a helicopter crash.

UPDATE 8:48: President Obama says “no Americans harmed,” Pakistan cooperated in the operations, and Osama was killed TODAY.

UPDATE 8:22: AP Quotes counter-terrorism official as saying that Bin Laden killed last week.

UPDATE: 8:17: CNN reporting that family members of Osama Bin Laden were killed also.

UPDATE 8:08:CNN reporting that Osama Bin Laden was killed in a mansion outside Islamabad, Pakistan.

UPDATE 7:51:  MSNBC is reporting that this is the result of a US military action.

In a extremely unusual speech (one commentator said that he hadn’t seen this abrupt of an announcement since the failed rescue announcement of the Iran hostages by Jimmy Carter), President Obama   is expected to announce that the US has the body of Osama Bin Laden.  Journalists everywhere have been scrambling to find for the last half hour what Obama was calling the press conference for.  Leaks only began spouting after the 7:30 announced time for Obama to speak.  Voice of America just retweeted that a House Intelligence Aide confirmed that Obama is expected to speak about Osama Bin Laden being dead and his body being in the hands of the United States. The speech has now been moved to 7:50 our time you can follow it here.


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  • Thank-you Kym
    I had already turned my TV off. I watched 9/11 live on TV as it happened, and now thanks to you I was able to watch the conclusion that I have so long hoped for. I have never been so profoundly affected as I was watching those New York firefigters rush in to the Twin Towers, then watching those towers collapsing, knowing full-well the death that was happening inside.

  • “One woman, three men killed in attack on Obama according to some reports. One is Obama’s son.”

    Obama / Osama ???

  • in this time of celebration we need to keep in focus what Jesus would say about this, assassination is good trials are bad? We have been assassinating people for years, in fact we just killed a Kaddhfi son and three of his grandkids, with no remorse. This gloating is unseemly.

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