Helicopter Soon to be Joining Search for Missing Man

The Search and Rescue crews searching for the missing man Robert Firestone have requested a helicopter because the search has not been fruitful so far.  The unit is expected to begin flying in the next hour.  It will be close to the ground.  Please do not be alarmed. This helicopter has a variety of different instruments to help locate the missing man.

The latest sighting known of Mr. Firestone as of this time was in front of The Hemp Connection at 11:30 Monday night.  A BOLO (Be On the Look Out) for him has been extended throughout Humboldt and Mendocino Counties in case Mr. Firestone accepted a ride hitchhiking.

“Our time is running out …,” says Diana Totten.  She urges everyone to report any information and to be tolerant of the flying helicopter.


  • Not to be callous, but maybe he doesn’t want to be found. There was a guy who lived at the end of my street until a few years ago (died…was in his late 70’s)…once a week he’d make a slow but hurried stroll out of the neighborhood and somebody’d always come chasing after him. “Ah shoot” or “ah dangit” or something along the lines, is what he’d always say. He liked to come over and watch us work on our vehicles, usually just stood there and watched. Would respond to conversation…sometimes…until somebody came and rallied him back home. “Yeah yeah…”

    82 years old…born to run…he’s in good places wherever he is and will be.

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