101 Netlink Customers Experiencing No Access to Google

UPDATE 9:44 :I just got a call from 101 Netlink. According to the nice woman who called, three companies own the internet. One of them is Level 3 and it had a routing issue with Google so all of Level 3’s customers lost service including 101 Netlink.

UPDATE 9:35: I’ve got Gmail and Google!

This morning 101 Netlink customers across the Southern Humboldt area (and possibly beyond) are unable to access Google sites such as Gmail, Google search and Google Reader. Carol Hensley, a 101 customer, says that she is still able to use Google Chrome as her homepage but she and her grandson are not able to access Google search and Gmail.  The rest of the internet is available with no issues other than what seems to be a slighter slower loading rate.



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