Rumored Federal Convoy Headed Towards Ettersburg(UPDATE-Sheriff/Drug Task Force/BLM Confirmed)

UPDATE 3:52: Thankfully the  BLM Ranger is going Okay. He apparently experienced shock after the crash. (He had a knee injury.)

UPDATE 11:28: According to KMUD–“Ambulance & CHP in route to Wilder Ridge Rd. Unconfirmed reports indicate BLM officer crashed ATV at search warrant site.”

UPDATE: 11:21: KMUD is reporting that the search warrant is on Wilder Ridge Rd.

UPDATED 11:05: Humboldt County Sheriff Spokesperson Brenda Godsey confirmed that there were vehicles from the Sheriff’s Office, the Drug Task Force, and BLM.  They are serving a search warrant in the Ettersburg area which is marijuana related.


On SoHum Awareness, we’re hearing rumors of a 12 vehicle federal convoy heading to Ettersburg .  The moderators decided that they wanted to keep that page clear for the natural disasters occurring but this post is to serve as a place for people to put information out there.  I will try and get answers. I have a request in to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Dept. for more information.


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